Providence ARF hosts town hall to discuss crisis in the homeland

September 23, 2022 town hall meeting in Providence

PROVIDENCE, RI — Dozens of Armenian community members from Rhode Island gathered on Friday, September 23, for an update on the developing events that continue to unfold in Armenia and Artsakh. The town hall, which was hosted by the Providence “Kristapor” ARF, presented guest speakers Jirayr Beugekian from Armenia and Pauline Dostoumian of the ACAA Eastern USA Artsakh Fund, who discussed the effective projects organized by the ACAA Artsakh Fund along with the action items the diaspora can implement to help Armenia and Artsakh.

The Rhode Island Armenian community raised thousands of dollars for the Artsakh Fund during the 2020 war. Attendees were gratified to hear exactly how the funds have been spent thus far. Dostoumian shared details of the projects that are currently underway, along with outstanding resources needed to expand the projects to help more Artsakh residents who are not receiving aid from Armenia’s current government. Several examples were shared at the town hall that reassured the community’s confidence in the Artsakh Fund’s accountability to ensure that every penny donated is used effectively, which cannot be said for other organizations that claim to bring aid to the people of Artsakh.

Beujekian reminded the town hall attendees of even worse situations that the Armenian nation has confronted in the past. He urged the diaspora to coordinate and organize efforts through the ACAA Artsakh Fund and the Armenian Relief Society; raise awareness to the international community that Armenia is a safe corridor for trade which Turkey wants to control; bring business to Armenia, teach in Armenia, help expand Armenia’s IT and defense sectors; and be aware of the fake news propaganda being spread on social media, not just by Turkey and Azerbaijan, but also by Pashinyan’s regime.

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Guest Contributor

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