Detroit’s ARS Zavarian School Celebrates Christmas

DETROIT, Mich.—The ARS Zavarian School’s traditional Christmas party was held on December 20, 2019 at the Orchard Lake Middle School auditorium. Rev. Fr. Hrant Kevorkian, ARS members, parents and friends were present at the celebration.

Following the singing of Armenia’s national anthem, Mer Hairenik, opening remarks were delivered by teacher Ms. Narod Keyvanian. After welcoming the audience, she touched upon the artistic presentation prepared by the students, noting that “some are likely to be hesitant, but no doubt they will do their best. Let us encourage them and appreciate their work and their experience on the stage with songs and recitations that were prepared in a short period of time.”

Keyvanian thanked the attendees, the parents who give so much to the students, and the Armenian Relief Society which puts forth every effort to keep the Armenian history and culture alive. She called for the New Year to be welcomed with a high mood of optimism and pride, noting that “December of this year brought great surprises to our cultural and political platforms equally.”

On a cultural level, Keyvanian mentioned that UNESCO has placed the Armenian alphabet among the world’s cultural treasures. She said that our alphabet, which is considered to be worthy of world culture, will stand for us, our students and our parents, our diaspora and especially our homeland. We must do our utmost to make our language heard from the lips of a new generation.

Keyvanian noted the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, first by the overwhelming majority of the US House of Representatives and followed by the Senate’s unanimous consent, was achieved through the unwavering efforts of our young successive generations. She then concluded, “Our students today are tomorrow’s soldiers of the Armenian National Committee of America who will continue with the same spirit and dedication.”

The cultural program started with the third graders reciting “New Year’s Eve” poems, “Peace, Peace” and “Christmas Tree” by Zarhad. Second graders presented “Christmas Night” and first graders “Happy New Year.” Then, all the students sang New Year’s songs together. Attendees were thrilled by the performances. This year’s event was also attended by the children of the newly-opened chapter of the Zavarian School, which added more charm to the program.

Finally, generous Santa arrived with his bag full of gifts for everyone, including dried fruit symbolizing the traditional Armenian New Year’s table and beautiful pencil cases decorated with Armenian alphabet for the little children. The celebration closed with a prayer by Der Hrant.

Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.

Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.

The ARS Eastern USA has 32 chapters located throughout the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and Southeastern regions of the United States. Please contact the ARS Eastern U.S. Regional Office ( if you would like more information about a chapter near you.

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