AYF and ARF Boston to Hold Two Protests Against Turkish Denial of Armenian Genocide

Demonstration at Turkish Consulate on April 21; Silent Protest at Armenian Heritage Park on April 24

BOSTON—The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF-YOARF) Greater Boston “Nejdeh” chapter, will be holding a demonstration, protesting Turkey’s ongoing denial of the Armenian Genocide on April 21.

A scene from the 2017 protest at the Turkish Consulate of Boston (Photo: Knar Bedian)

The protest is organized in collaboration with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Sardarabad gomideh and will take place at the Consulate General of Turkey (31 St. James Ave., Boston, Mass. 02116) beginning at 1 p.m.

Buses will depart from the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (ACEC) promptly at 12 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Following the protest, demonstrators will march to the Armenian Heritage Park to take part in the annual Armenian Genocide “Commemoration at the Park.”

On April 24, the two organizations will also be holding a silent protest from 12-7 p.m. at the Armenian Heritage Park. Community members are invited to join throughout the day in one hour shifts, or however they please.

“The AYF-YOARF Greater Boston “Nejdeh” chapter and the ARF Sardarabad gomideh invite the Boston Armenian Community as well as all those who would like to make their voices heard. The aim of this event is to not only raise awareness and show the demand for justice but to also demand recognition, reparations, and restitution from the Turkish Government,” read a part of the joint statement published by the two organizations.

Founded in 1933, The Armenian Youth Federation is an international, non-profit, youth organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The AYF-YOARF Eastern United States stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives: Educational, Hai Tahd, Social, Athletic and Cultural. The AYF also promotes a fraternal attitude of respect for ideas and individuals amongst its membership. Unity and cooperation are essential traits that allow members of the organization to work together to realize the AYF’s objectives.


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