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  1. Korybko have indeed a very clear agenda which is to exaggerate every single Russian / Armenian issue into a possible devastating “divorce”, his articles “Armenia abandoning Russia” and “are Armenia, India Serbia balancing against India or betraying it” are complete non sense with no geopolitical ground, and are very typical of Azerbaijani wishful thinking… Incidentally, Korybko is championing the inviolability of borders dear to his Azerbaijani masters.

  2. If you were a starving student in Russia you might take the money as well. It’s easy to just read off lines given to you by these fraudsters, IMO he haas no journalistic capabilities besides snow-jobbing a few people who are just as young and naive as he is. This sort of chatter is dangerous for the Russians as ws both parties Azerbaijan and Armenia. From reading some of his vomit he passes off as newsworthy analysis it seems this Andrew character shows no partiality to his poison pen. Glad this was finally brought up his dribble has been hitting some of the Hye groups on social media for at least 1 year.

  3. Listening to this delusional clown speak, disguised as a “journalist” is very painful. I tried, couldn’t go through with it. It’s important to point out, he may not be sent by Azerbaijan necessarily, but looks like he represents Russia interests, since he is a “contributor” to Sputnik and RT. Sputnik pumps out typically pro-Azerbaijan articles, while RT tries to be neutral, but some of its anti-USA propaganda is laughably pathetic if not downright desperate.

  4. This is evidence that the Russians think that they own us. Our future, our stability and our destiny are with Liberal-Democracies of Western and Eastern Europe not with a Oligarchic plutocracy such as Russia….

    • The guys an American for God’s sake! LOL

      So according to Kevin this is evidence that Russophobes are clueless. Wishing Armenia to be a liberal democracy is the same as wishing Armenia’s death. No surprise seeing where such calls are coming from.

  5. …The biggest question is, what is some student from Ohio of Polish ethnicity doing in Russia going to school and working p/t for Sputnik English talking about Russian, Azerbaijani or Armenian affairs. It doesn’t concern him nor is it anything he would know about unless someone hands him a script with one hand and money under the table with the other.

  6. Azerbaijan lately has become a wealth making market like for Mr. Korybko they know when they can write a few negatively fabricated articles about Armenians just to please Aliev and his cronies they can walk away with generous payouts and gifts so it has become world attention for these fake journalists and con artists and off course these idiots in Azerbaijan willing to throw away millions for it.

  7. …Andrew Korybco is actually an American.

    Mr Sassounian: Andrew Korybco is a nobody. He is simply out trying to make a fast buck, and Azeris are the best source for a fast buck these days. By featuring him in an article you are giving him the value he does not deserve.

  8. It seems there is concerted anti Armenian PR effort BY Azerbaijan’s state sponsored propaganda. It all needs to exposed and rebuffed and ridiculed as absurd. All of it.

  9. It’s really funny how all the Russophobes here were thinking this fake journalist from America was Russian. Anyway nationality does not matter in these cases. Individuals can be hired to do anything. In fact, no need to look far, we Armenians have many traitors working for Armenia’s enemies, indluding Turks and Azeris. Don’t believe me? Read George Soros funded propaganda outlets like Lragir and CIA funded propaganda outlets like Radio Liberty to see how many Armenians are enthusiastically selling their country for a few dollars. The sad part is, many Armenian “journalists” regularly write worst things about Armenia than this American.

  10. Andrew Korybko knows well that many Islamic countries talk, for the wipeout of Jewish State, where fake “friendly” Azerbaijan is one of them!

  11. Norserunt, most countries have “traitors” and Armenia is no exception., we know who most are enemies are internally. The Soros backed individuals, the Russian military soldier that slaughtered an Armenian family, the small-time business people that bring in Turkish goods to sell on the streets of Armenia and so forth. What is hard to accept is some Punk Ass American with dual citizenship of Poland & USA (Andrew Korybko is NOT a Russian Citizen, unless of course that comes with the price of writing propaganda) takes money for writing Anti-Armenian pieces. He has written other pro Azeri “opinion pieces” and reality is Korybko ha opinions. Andrew’s style of opnions border on blatantly laughable jibberish from some child trying to play in a big man’s world of actually knowing and understanding Geo-Politics

  12. This article is just giving credibility to someone who is only a hack for hire writer. In better times (for Azerbaijan) it would be people like retired US diplomats or politicians who would be commissioned to write these propaganda pieces on behalf of Azerbaijan, but they have (for now anyway) lost their palette for the Azeri caviar, scared of being implicated in its corruption scandals. All that Azerbaijan has left are nobodies like Korybko and clickbait “news” sites and their countless affiliates (just do a google search to see the large number of lowest-grade “news” portals Korybko’s article is reproduced in).

  13. Steve;
    It’s fair to disclose that many of Andrew Korybko’s propaganda articles are showing up on independant amateur websites that are financed by online donations. As the internet goes, anyone can call themselves a journalist and publish whatever falsehoods or propaganda they want. It appears that Andrew Korybko can self promote himself well, trying to give the illusion he is a geopolitical analyst when he is actually a student in Russia.
    The unfortunate part is the people who actually beieve Mr. Korybkos online self promotion that he is some sort of expert in geopolitics when he is only an expert in self marketing and propaganda. Good on Andrew making $$ by peddling smut to the sad people who lap this up

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