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Originally from a family farm in North Dakota, Kristi Rendahl lived and worked in Armenia from 1997-2002 and visits the country regularly. She works with the Center for Victims of Torture as the organizational development advisor to 10 torture treatment centers around the world, and is pursuing a doctorate in public administration. Rendahl writes a monthly column for The Armenian Weekly. She resides in St. Paul, Minn.
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Rendahl: Finding a Language

As I walked the streets of Yerevan this past month, I was reminded of how interconnected people are in Armenia, for better or worse. There are countless interactions each day, providing equally abundant potential for sheer joy and complete frustration. Ambiguity, after all, is all around us and [more...]

August 31, 2010 // 14 Comments

Rendahl: How I Became an ‘Odar’

I’ve been telling my Armenian story a lot lately. I’m repeatedly faced with the challenge of expressing why I’ve remained engaged with Armenia and the Armenian people for the past 13 years. Armenians used to ask me with an incredulous tone in their voices: “Aystegh inch es gortsrel?” [more...]

August 4, 2010 // 46 Comments

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Rendahl: Celebrating the Armenian Woman

I’ve had the privilege of celebrating International Women’s Day in Armenia on five occasions. It might well be one of my favorite holidays, second only to International Children’s Day on June 1 (also my birthday, for those of you who wish to note it in your calendars). The only hard part [more...]

March 7, 2010 // 8 Comments

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