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Houry Mayissian is a communications professional with journalism and public relations experiences in Dubai, Beirut, and Sydney. She has studied European politics and society at the University of Oxford, specializing on the democratic reform process in Armenia as part of its European integration. Since Dec. 2012, she writes a monthly column titled "Building Bridges" for the Armenian Weekly.

Two Weeks Ago in Armenia

“My friend, what is your name?” my husband asks the stranger sitting next to him on the bar. “Dikran,” the stranger responds, sipping his beer. “And what do you do my friend?” “I’m a criminal lawyer. I work as a bartender at another pub.” A pause. “Where are you from?” he asks [more...]

June 19, 2013 // 58 Comments

May 5 and Beyond: Continuing the Struggle

Yerevan residents go to the polls again on May 5 for municipal elections that are being widely viewed as a continuation of the February presidential elections and an important battlefront in the ongoing quest to weaken the ruling Republican Party’s monopoly on power. However, the state of affairs [more...]

May 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

A Legacy, a Dream, an Independent Country

The Armenian Weekly April Magazine It is April again. It’s been 98 years since that fateful month in 1915. As I reflect on the legacy of the Armenian Genocide, I think how survival and seeking justice have always been part of that legacy. From the pressing need to rebuild their shattered lives to [more...]

April 30, 2013 // 5 Comments

Freedom Square Is Calling

Growing up in Lebanon, I remember football (soccer) tournaments were events of magnified importance. Teams were divided along confessional and political lines and, naturally, so were the fans. Rally at Freedom Square in Yerevan on Feb. 20, 2013. (Photo by Khatchig Mouradian, The Armenian Weekly) I [more...]

February 21, 2013 // 45 Comments

2013 Presidential Elections: A Tale of Power Monopoly and Disenchantment

When you visit Armenia, you hear stories. Good stories and sad ones. Stories that inspire hope, others that fill you with despair. The Presidential Palace in Yerevan One story I heard from a family friend—let’s call him Armen—on my most recent visit just after the May 2012 parliamentary [more...]

January 31, 2013 // 5 Comments

Mayissian: Armenia’s ‘Silent’ National Security Threat

As we make our plans and commit to new resolutions for 2013, at least for some of our compatriots in Armenia new plans will unfortunately mean immigrating to new countries. More than 20 years after independence, outward migration remains the “answer” to the poverty and socio-economic issues [more...]

January 3, 2013 // 85 Comments

The Uncelebrated, Nameless, Faceless Women of Armenia

We welcome our new columnist, Houry Mayissian, whose name is familiar to our readers from earlier articles she has written for the Weekly. Starting this month, Ms. Mayissian will be writing a monthly column titled “Building Bridges.” Last month Zimbabwe’s Co-minister for [more...]

December 3, 2012 // 2 Comments

The Diaspora must act as an agent for change in Armenia

The National Assembly of Armenia voted on Oct. 2 to remove former Foreign Affairs Minister and Prosperous Armenia MP Vartan Oskanian’s parliamentary immunity. Oskanian is being accused of money laundering in what is widely perceived to be a political move to impede his return to active politics. [more...]

October 8, 2012 // 21 Comments

Beyond Stories of Survival

Hatoun is sitting up still with her back against a tall palm tree, her head bowed as though she’s asleep.  She has seated a doll she received as a present from an American aid worker in the same position against another, smaller tree close by. She has torn the doll’s head off and placed it [more...]

August 19, 2012 // 1 Comment

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