Frontline Therapists offers mental health services in border villages of Armenia

Frontline Therapists, a nonprofit created in the wake of the 2020 Artsakh War, is providing sustainable emergency mental health services to areas of need in Armenia. In 2022 alone, Frontline Therapists treated 83 individuals and hosted 30 psychological training workshops across seven cities in Armenia, reaching a total of more than 700 individuals through various events. With ongoing continued aggression and acts of violence taking place against Armenia, these services continue to be of the utmost importance. 

Frontline Therapists has established a newly-developed partnership with the Anna Astvatsaturian Foundation to launch its 2023 Armenian Border Population Mental Health Research Initiative. This project is focused on understanding the mental health and safety aspects of border villages as well as providing mental health treatment to these areas that are now impacted by conflict.

The project goals are:

  1. To assess the mental health, social and physical needs of border villages that are now in conflict zones
  2. To understand what safety and security risks may have developed since the September 2020 attacks
  3. To provide various treatments including group therapy, psycho-education and psychological first aid training
  4. To develop sustainable programs and treatment models that will improve the overall mental state of bordering villages

This six-month project, focusing on four regions, will improve the livelihood of border villages that have been in conflict areas due to the Azeri aggression. The first phase of the project just concluded; the Frontline team conducted its initial mental health assessments in each village. The participants all expressed their gratitude and the need for such support and are eager to continue their collaboration with the organization as Frontline Therapists make repeated visits to conduct mental health interventions and psychoeducation.

The leader of the Yeraskh village shared his gratitude for Frontline’s support. As a village situated right on the border of Azerbaijan, Yerasskh sees a great need for mental health support. The village is often overlooked and is sorely lacking the resources necessary for the residents to thrive. By providing mental health services, the local government is hopeful that more attention is directed toward this area which will hopefully increase support, needed resources and overall improve the well-being of the citizens.

This project is allowing Frontline Therapists to understand how to effectively customize mental health support and modes of therapy to best meet their needs for physical safety and positive well-being. Frontline Therapists plan to use the project outcomes in powerful ways by partnering with other NGOs who are pursuing legal action against Azerbaijan for war crimes and human rights violations. 


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