Boston ARF to host “Security Challenges Facing Armenia and Artsakh”

WATERTOWN, Mass. – The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of Boston is hosting a remote panel discussion entitled “Security Challenges Facing Armenia and Artsakh.” The event will be held online on Sunday, December 4 at 3:00 p.m. and is open and accessible to the public.

The panel discussion will be hosted and moderated by Vazrik Chiloyan, PhD and will feature Dr. Arthur Khachatryan and Mr. Tevan Poghosyan.  

Dr. Arthur Khachatryan

In his presentation titled “The Negotiations Process and the Security Challenges Facing Armenia and Artsakh,” Dr. Khachatryan will discuss the history of the negotiation process in the last 30 years, the current proposals under consideration and the security challenges facing both Republics and the Armenian world. Dr. Khachatryan is a member of the parliament of the Republic of Armenia, representing the ARF. He holds degrees from Yerevan State University, the American University of Armenia and King’s College in London.

Tevan J. Poghosyan

Poghosyan, for his part, will present “Tackling Demographic Challenges as an Important Component of Artsakh Security.” He will address the issues of preserving and increasing the Armenian population in Artsakh and recent initiatives to assist children in frontier villages. Poghosyan is a graduate of the Armenian State Engineering University and the American University of Armenia and serves as the chairman of the International Center for Human Development. 

This interactive panel discussion will provide context and highlight the prevailing security challenges facing Armenia and Artsakh, such as the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia; the status of the Republic of Artsakh; the increasingly aggressive posture of the Azeri leadership in the face of general worldwide indifference; and the inability or apparent unwillingness of the Armenian authorities to seek appropriate recourse. The audience will have the opportunity to engage with the panelists and ask questions. A well-informed and engaged Diaspora is an essential component for the survival and prosperity of the Armenian nation and statehood. 

Participants are requested to register online. For questions and more information, please contact the ARF of Boston at

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