ArmenianEasy publishes Armenian Letter Mazes

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. ArmenianEasy has announced the publication of its second book Armenian Letter Mazes.

Designed as a fun way for young children to learn the Armenian language, each maze takes on the shape of a letter from the Armenian alphabet. Children are actually writing Armenian letters as they wind their way through the simple mazes. The workbook is in Western Armenian with English transliteration. Each page features the upper and lowercase forms of a letter, the letter’s name, its sound, words that begin with that letter and a descriptive sentence.

ArmenianEasy, LLC is a publishing house established in 2019 by Armenian-American sisters Cathy Jacobs Brito and Jenny Jacobs Mullen. Their Beirut-born mother Hourig Toukhanian Jacobs had been a master in teaching Armenian to non-native speakers. Following in their mother’s footsteps, Brito and Mullen founded ArmenianEasy to fill an educational need. As a homeschooling mother of five, Mullen was trying to find a preschool/kindergarten level workbook to teach her children Armenian letters. Not finding what she was looking for, she turned to her sister for help. Brito, an artist and designer, began creating activity pages for her nieces and nephews. The little “side project” has blossomed into a website of Armenian songs and learning resources and two pre-k level workbooks.

Armenian Letter Mazes is a shorter spin-off of their first pre-k level workbook, The Big Book Of Armenian Letters, which is written entirely in Armenian and presents Armenian letters in a fun way with a year’s worth of activities like matching, coloring, mazes, dot-to-dots and songs.

“The activities in The Big Book are varied and each child will tend to have their favorites,” says Mullen, whose twins Aaron and Christopher were the first to use “The Big Book.” Mullen noticed that Christopher would search through the entire workbook looking for mazes, while Aaron would look for all of the pages with dot-to-dots. This inspired Brito to create a full-color workbook with just mazes. When Christopher found out that Armenian Letter Mazes was made for him, he turned to his brother and said, “Don’t worry, Aaron, she will make a book of dot-to-dots for you.”

ArmenianEasy’s philosophy is to make learning Armenian simple and fun. Its goal is to provide Western Armenian educational materials that facilitate Armenian language learning (speaking, reading and writing) for all, including those who may not have the benefit of hearing Armenian spoken in their homes.

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