Shaghik Maroukhian (1968-2022)

Shaghik Maroukhian, October 2019 (Photo: Knar Bedian)

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau is mourning the loss of dedicated member Shaghik Maroukhian, who died in Yerevan on October 3, 2022. She was 54 years old.

“Her bright name will be remembered forever for generations,” said a statement by the ARF Supreme Body.

Maroukhian’s legacy will be defined by her loyalty and selfless devotion to her homeland. After repatriating to Armenia in 1998, she led several ARF publications and worked with World Vision Armenia for over 19 years. Upon her death, she was the chairperson of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Armenia. “She will forever remain in our memory as an exemplary and devoted ARS member, a faithful ARF member and a defender of women’s rights—a courageous Armenian woman,” read a statement by the ARS Central Executive Board. The ARS of Eastern USA also expressed condolences to the family and relatives of the Maroukhian family and her compatriots.

The AYF Eastern Region, for its part, recalled hosting the former ARF Supreme Council member back in 2019 for its annual Senior Seminar which took place in Marlborough, Massachusetts. “She inspired so many of our members,” read the statement. “She will be missed and remembered forever. Our condolences to her family, her daughter, nieces and nephews, who will undoubtedly carry on her unfinished and important mission for our cause.”

During her short time in Massachusetts that fall, Maroukhian visited the Hairenik Building in Watertown, where she spoke with Weekly assistant editor Leeza Arakelian about the “positive energy” of AYF Eastern Region members and her work with the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation, established by the ARF in 2009 in honor of her father and longtime chairman of the ARF Bureau. “I believe in this work,” she told the Weekly. “I’m emotionally connected, and it’s inspiring me more to be able to succeed.”

Funeral services will be held on Friday in Yerevan.

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  1. I am very saddened to hear such patriotic, dedicated A.R.S. member to die at very young age, my heart goes to her immediate family may God comfort them and continue her unfinished legacy, REST IN PIECE our A.R.S. friend Shoghik Maroukhian.

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