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I would like to offer my comments on a passionate writing offered in your May 14, 2022 paper by Stepan Piligian.

I know Stepan. I like him, and I have high regard for his spiritual passion.

I do, however, feel that his essay, “The decline of our church requires an outreach revolution,” is void of a crucial first point or battleground location.

Mr. Piligian makes a “plea” to church leaders and feels that our “leaders are fearful of change.” As a parish priest, I can undoubtedly share that the foundationthe success of outreach, education, cultural enrichment and morerests not first with clergy, rather with mom and dad, godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, who dutifully surround and control the environment of our children all week long.

Too many parents stop leading and encouraging church life once their children are married. We must always be their parents, leading them with love. The first finger pointing out deficiencies should not be aimed at administrative bodies, much less our holy sees. We all need to first examine our own family. Where have we been lately on Sundays? What do we donate to keep the church doors open, programs running, furthering clergy education and more?

I know of no clergyman who wouldn’t want a full house on Sunday, or people in and out of church during the week. I know too many clergymen who cannot break through the non-church agenda of well-intentioned, good parents. It’s a struggle for all of us, but it doesn’t emanate from 630 Second Ave and not from East 39th Street. Rather, it begins in our homes where mom and dad justifiably reign.

To their credit, there are diocesan and prelacy parishes that effectively shun the societal exit from keeping the Sabbath holy. In those communities, both large and small, you will find active parents and extended family members who, from the cradle, encourage church life to their young children. That’s where the spiritual battle is won.

Stepan, keep on writing. Keep the discussion going.

With prayers,

Reverend Fr. Kapriel Mouradjian
Pastor, St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church
Binghamton, NY

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. Bravo, Fr Kapriel. It starts in the home. Thank God I was one of the lucky ones. May God bless our clergy, their service and their efforts.

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