Bringing peace of mind to war-torn Armenia

Since the outbreak of hostilities with Azerbaijan in 2020, Armenians in our homeland have suffered increasing trauma in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, insomnia and anxiety. 

Efforts to relieve this stress have gained new momentum through the work of ArmeniaRecoveryNow, a team of Armenian and international supporters who teach the Transcendental Meditation® technique™ free of charge. ArmeniaRecoveryNow was formed in February 2021 through the non-profit Alliance for PTSD Recovery.

The successful use of TM as a humanitarian tool in Armenia dates back to the 1988 earthquake.

A team of TM teachers brought relief to 30,000 people in Armenia’s earthquake-ravaged areas and Yerevan in 1989-90. Since then, certified teachers have continued to teach TM free of charge in Armenia.

Testimonials to TM’s powerful ability to heal can be found throughout the Alliance for PTSD Recovery site. Be sure to read Girl Speaks for First Time in One Year, a remarkable story of a 10-year-old girl’s recovery after learning TM.  

Current conditions in Armenia intensify the need to scale up this vital work and increase funding. We are recruiting highly experienced teachers for the coming year and hope to reach up to 15,000 more Armenians. Financial support to provide flights, living arrangements, and translators will cost $200,000.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

TM is a simple, natural, easily learned technique that is practiced by more than ten million people around the world. It is done twice a day for twenty minutes sitting comfortably. It is not a philosophy or a religion and it does not require any change in beliefs or lifestyle.

Through the David Lynch Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in the United States, TM has brought relief to more than 500,000 adults and children. Since 2005, the Foundation has focused on teaching veterans with PTSD and their families, inner city students, and women and children who have survived violence and abuse.

An evidence-based approach with a history of success

Transcendental Meditation™ is quickly becoming the gold standard to reverse the devastating effects of PTSD.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies attest to its ability to rapidly relieve the symptoms of stress-induced conditions among veterans, displaced persons, first responders, and victims of violence. Studies with military veterans show that TM is more effective in reducing symptoms when compared with traditional therapies, often bringing relief within the first month of practice.

The Alliance Research page provides details on several studies and an explanation of how TM improves brain function.

Creating partnerships, expanding outreach

Building on a detailed proposal from the David Lynch Foundation for the Alliance for PTSD Recovery, ArmeniaRecoveryNow initially met with national ministries in Armenia and all ten provincial governments, many of whom committed to connecting us with populations in need and places to teach.

Now, international NGOs working with displaced Armenians are partnering with us to bring relief to thousands more. As the NGOs deliver housing, food and other necessities, they also see the dire need to relieve the inner trauma Armenians face. Partnering with these organizations means that we can ease suffering and improve health outcomes among many more people.

How you can help

ArmeniaRecoveryNow’s greatest need is funding. More teachers from around the world are ready to join the expanded outreach. Donations provide for teachers’ expenses while students are always taught free of charge.

Tax-deductible donations can be made online. Checks could also be mailed to 1000 Purusha Place, Suite 314, Romney, West Virginia 26757. 

Arlene Hovanessian Denison

Arlene Hovanessian Denison

Arlene (Hovanessian) Denison is a second generation Armenian-American and a marketing communications professional with experience in content creation, graphic design and project management. She is now retired and is helping to support charitable causes.
Arlene Hovanessian Denison

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  1. Excellent. TM is so effective. With a little support, the program could help 10’s of thousands of Armenians suffering war trauma.

  2. Being an Armenian American who’s been practicing Transcendental Meditation regularly for over 45 years, I can attest to the simple and powerful effectiveness of the regular practice of TM on all levels of life, and can say with equal conviction that the practice does not in any way interfere with a person’s religious beliefs. Indeed, when the mind is peaceful and calm , one is so much better equipped to fully partake in one’s own spiritual and religious life.

  3. This is such a good and important article. I learned a lot. Meditation helps us find a place of calm, peace and stability so that we can help bring those needed practices into the world.

  4. As a TM teacher, I experience great happiness when I see how the TM technique helps people experience deep peace and how the quality of their lives changes. There is so much pain and suffering and stress in Armenia nowadays, after years of conflict with Azerbaijan and the mass exodus of the population from Artsakh. I want to teach and hlp hundreds of thousands people.

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