Women’s Fund Armenia supporting teen girls in Armenia

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Women’s Fund Armenia (WFA) has launched its teen girl campaign, which provides grants to young girls aged 14 to 21 in Armenia, with consideration to applicants in border communities where there are few options and limited opportunities. 

WFA’s support of teen projects helps build self-confidence and initiative. These grants also foster entrepreneurship as the teenagers become stewards of the money and take ownership of the success of the project. 

Grants are given to project proposals in the areas of STEM and IT related fields; art and creative initiatives; economic resilience; and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Each grant is for $2,000; half of the funds are provided at the start and half provided mid-way after interim reports and updates are submitted. A final narrative and financial report are also required. The grant recipients also receive training and mentorship throughout their project and are welcome to join all future workshops and seminars. 

Continually providing opportunities to teens through grants is the goal of the WFA teen campaign. 

Established in 2018, Women’s Fund Armenia is a grant-making organization that supports women and girls in Armenia through capacity building, providing financial support and development of feminist movement. 

The Fund’s mission is to support building the women’s movement in Armenia by providing necessary resources and tools to women’s organizations, women’s initiatives, feminist activists, and researchers and scholars to design and implement projects that advance women’s rights and feminist efforts.  

The Fund’s goal is to develop a sustainable feminist philanthropy to support the strengthening of feminist discourse, safe spaces and collective initiatives addressing main challenges that women and girls are facing today in Armenia. 

Since 2018, WFA has funded 115 projects, awarded $135,000 to support women and girls, and 95-percent of awarded grants are to projects in the regions of Armenia, outside the capital city of Yerevan. 

WFA is aimed at the improvement of women’s conditions, advocating for their rights, anti- militarism, enhancement of women’s visibility and representation.

Tsoleen Sarian

Tsoleen Sarian

Tsoleen Sarian lives and works in Armenia. Previous leadership roles include ANCA Eastern Region, Homenetmen Boston, AGBU YP Boston, Armenian Memorial Church and the Friends of Armenian Heritage Park. She holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Northeastern University.

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