Sponsor a page in the Armenian Weekly’s AYF Olympics Special Issue

WATERTOWN, Mass.The Armenian Weekly Editorial Board is proud to announce that it will be preparing and publishing its annual Armenian Weekly AYF Olympics Special Issue in the coming weeks. This highly anticipated issue will feature articles and photos from what promises to be a fantastic weekend hosted by the Providence “Varantian” AYF chapter, especially after a year with no Olympics. As in previous years, we are seeking sponsors for the issue.

For $100, you can sponsor a page and be part of this commemorative pull-out section.

You may also send a check payable to “The Armenian Weekly” to 80 Bigelow Ave., Watertown, Mass. 02472. Please email editor@armenianweekly.com if you choose this option, with the subject line “AYF SPECIAL SPONSORSHIP.”

The names of page sponsors will be published in the AYF Olympics Special Issue.

If you have questions or would like further information, please email editor@armenianweekly.com with the subject line “AYF OLYMPICS SPECIAL ISSUE.”

In addition, the Armenian Weekly is also inviting athletes and spectators alike, especially AYF members, to submit original articles about their experiences and memories at this year’s Olympics to be featured in the Special Issue, which is scheduled to be released on September 25. The deadline for submissions is September 15.

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