A Black Day – A New Calling

(Photo: Harout Arabian/Flickr)

No direction, no light, no path in sight

We stand alone, we stand apart, we stand with heavy heart

The despair, the fear, as our homeland disappears

I am nothing, I am numb, as my brothers succumb

To the enemy, the Turk, the Azeri, who stand with a smirk

So call for your “unity,” call for your “peace,” accept the destructive Turkish leash

Open our borders, and give away our freedom

Turn us into a pan-Turkic fiefdom

But know one thing

Our time will come

This black day will turn bright once again

Our resolve will not waiver for we have no, one, savior

No populist, no demagogue, no traitor


We have each other.

We have our Haiastan.

Our lives meaningless, our efforts, our struggle, worthless

Without our nation, without our people

We must return, we will return

For we have a new calling

And this black day will turn bright once again.

Aram Balian

Aram Balian

Aram Balian is vice president of business development at Haverford Homes. He previously worked in investment banking and financial technology. Aram was formerly the executive director of the ANCA Eastern Region; he currently serves on the ANCA-ER board. Aram graduated cum laude with a BA in political science and psychology from Columbia University. He is an AYF alumnus and served as treasurer and vice-chair of the AYF Eastern Region Central Executive.
Aram Balian

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