AYF-ER condemns Pashinyan’s campaign message about Armenian POWs

The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region strongly condemns the recent statements from de-facto “acting” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a campaign rally. His disrespectful words belie the heroism, courage and sacrifice of the hundreds of Armenian POWs illegally abducted and held by the dictatorial Aliyev regime as collateral. These heroes’ sacrifice for their nation and homeland is unquestionable. Their lives and safety are not to be used as bargaining chips by an ineffectual traitor.

Contrary to the traitorous belief that prisoners-of-war “will forgive us for being held captive for a month or two,” some POWs will not even survive two more months of torture. The Pashinyan regime continues to display its depravity and incompetence by willingly ignoring the POW crisis and refusing to give our heroes the support they require.

Under his governance, hundreds of Armenians have been, and continue to be, captured and killed, even after the disastrous November 9th capitulation. At least 19 Armenian servicemen have been tortured and killed in Baku while Pashinyan cedes more land to Azerbaijan. 

Now, as nearly one thousand Azerbaijani soldiers remain within the borders of the Republic of Armenia and hundreds of Armenians are kept illegally as prisoners in Baku, Armenians around the world must look to the June 20th election, where the fate of our nation will be decided.

Founded in 1933, The Armenian Youth Federation is an international, non-profit, youth organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The AYF-YOARF Eastern United States stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives: Educational, Hai Tahd, Social, Athletic and Cultural. The AYF also promotes a fraternal attitude of respect for ideas and individuals amongst its membership. Unity and cooperation are essential traits that allow members of the organization to work together to realize the AYF’s objectives.

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