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BEIRUT, LebanonHaigazian University Press has published the Proceedings of the Conference “Armenians of Iraq,” edited by Dr. Antranik Dakessian, director of the Haigazian University-based Armenian Diaspora Research Center (ADRC).

The conference was held at Haigazian University between May 29 and 31, 2017.

The book is the fifth volume in the “Armenian Diaspora” series and the fourth on the Armenian Diaspora communities of the Middle East.

The 770-page volume includes the following papers:

  • Bedros Tovmassian, “The Last Era of the Abbasid Caliphate (991-1258) and Caliphs of Armenian Descent”
  • Dr. Gayané Poghosyan, “An Armenian Manuscript Written in Baghdad, in the 18th Century” 
  • Dr. Artak Maghalyan, “Serovpé Garnetsi and Other Travelers on 19th Century Iraqi Armenians” 
  • Judge Christopher Young, “Anglo-Armenian Links in 19th century Iraq” 
  • Dr. Wafa Mahmoud Abd ElHalim, “The Chakmakjians of Mosul (18th-20th Centuries)” 
  • Dr. Hilmar Kaiser, “Ottoman Rule and Genocide in Mosul Province” 
  • Dr. Seta D. Ohanian, “The Arrival of the Armenian Refugees from Van in 1918 and Their Settlement in the Refugee Camps of Baquba and Nahr Omar” 
  • Dr. Antranik Dakessian, “The Baquba Orphans: The List of the Orphans and Some Demographic Features” 
  • Prof. Vahram Shemmassian, “The Repatriation of Armenian Refugees from Iraq to Soviet Armenia 1921-1925” 
  • Dr. Wafa Mahmoud Abd ElHalim, “Mrs. Sara Iskenderian (Sara ElZangina)” 
  • Prof. Jon Armajani, “The Iraqi Constitution and the Armenians” 
  • Dr. Seta D. Ohanian, “The Basra Armenian Community, Its Past and Present” 
  • Bedros Torossian, “Aspects of Armenian Community Life in Kirkuk in the 1930s: The Beginnings of a Rural Refugee Community in an Urbanizing Territory” 
  • Weekly columnist Yeghia Tashjian, “The Armenian Community in Iraqi Kurdistan” 
  • Prof. Arman Yeghiazaryan and Melik Hovsepyan, “The Committee of Cultural Relations with Diaspora Armenians and the Iraqi Armenians” 
  • Anush Bezhanyan, “Armenian State Foreign Policy in the Context of the 2003 Iraq War” 
  • Dr. Sona Tonikian, “Republic of Armenia’s Institutional Policies Towards the Incoming Iraqi Armenians (1991-2015)” 
  • Dr. Vardan Devrikyan, “The Armenian Prelacy of Iraq” 
  • Raphael Oumoudian, “The Catholic Armenian Community of Iraq” 
  • Dr. Gohar Avagyan, “The Armenian Schools of Iraq (1918-1974)” 
  • Hampartsoum Aghbashian, “The AGBU Chapter of Iraq” 
  • Shaké Ashjian, “Iraqi Armenian Organizations and Unions and Their Social, Philanthropic and Cultural Role in the Iraqi Armenian Community” 
  • Varant Bedrosian, “The Baghdad Armenian Mixed Youth Union” 
  • Nora Parseghian, “The Koyamard Weekly Reflecting Iraqi-Armenian Life” 
  • Aram Ketenjian, “Armenian Elementary Mixed National School” and “Gomidas Choir: The Baghdad Armenian Cultural Jewel” 
  • Prof. Arda Arsenian-Ekmekji, “Dikran Garabed Ekmekjian (1879 – 1952) a Man for all Seasons” 
  • Arminé Choukassizian, “A Photographer: Hovhannes Choukassizian (1914 – 1994)” 
  • The editorial team, “The Philanthropic Activity of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Iraq (1957-1973)”
  • Mihran Minasian, “Iraqi Armenian Authors Who Wrote in Arabic” 
  • Dr. Artsvi Bakhchinyan, “The Contribution of the Iraqi Armenians to the Iraqi and International Culture”
  • Ara Ashjian, “20th Century Iraqi Armenian Personalities and Their Contribution to the Iraqi State” 
  • Dr. Vladimir Poghosyan, “The Iraqi Armenian Prelacy during the Prelature of Arch. Avak Asadurian” 
  • Sarkis Kotounian, “The Iraqi Armenian Community between 2000 and 2017” 
  • Khachig Janoyan, “The Iraqi Armenians in the United States” 

The annex includes: 

  • a research paper by Vartan Melkonian on Iraqi Armenian culture 
  • a paper by Marlen Melkonian-Setrakian on the profile of the Baghdadtsi Armenians 
  • several unpublished documents from the archives of the Republic of Armenia 
  • a briefing on the Baghdad Armenian United School Yearbook of (1965-66) 
  • the impressions of Hovhannes Boghossian on the Iraqi Armenians of the late 1930s 
  • some clippings from Lebanese Armenian newspapers on Iraqi Armenians 
  • a photo of refugees exiled to Mosul from Erzurum 
  • brief biographies of the contributors 
  • an overview of the history of Iraq and a short history of the Armenians of Iraq 
  • a short bibliography on the Armenians of Iraq 
  • a “Foreword” by the editor 
  • “Opening Remarks” by HU President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian 
  • “Welcoming Words” by Dr. Antranik Dakessian 
  • “Reflections” by the Prelate of the Iraqi Armenians, Arch. Avak Asadourian 
  • short overviews of the content of the book both in Arabic and in English 
  • the press release of the conference
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