‘Together for Anjar’ Donates $10,000 to Beirut Disaster Relief

The Together for Anjar fundraising campaign has donated $10,000 (USD) to the Armenian Relief Society’s Appeal for Lebanon campaign. The amount was transferred to the Watertown, Massachusetts-based international Armenian relief organization over the weekend.

The Together for Anjar campaign’s pledge of $10,000 toward Beirut disaster relief came within hours of the tragic explosions that rocked Lebanon’s capital last Tuesday and left at least 220 people dead, 7,000 injured and 300-thousand homeless.

“On behalf of the people of Anjar and its supporters, the #togetherforanjar campaign pledges $10,000 toward Beirut disaster relief. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers in Beirut at this most challenging of times for Lebanon,” read the group’s statement on its social media channels. Several Armenian families from Beirut and its suburbs have temporarily relocated to Anjar since the situation in the country has deteriorated. During the Lebanese Civil War and beyond, Anjar has maintained an “open-door policy” to Armenians across the Middle East and has remained a haven for those escaping persecution, war and other catastrophes.

The Together for Anjar fundraising campaign was launched in late May by a group of concerned Anjartsis from across the world. The campaign is backed by local Mousa Ler Associations in various cities, to help the people of Anjar, Lebanon in their time of need during Lebanon’s economic crisis, which saw the drastic depreciation of the Lebanese Pound and the skyrocketing price of food and basic necessities.

To date, the campaign has raised $154,100. To learn more about Together for Anjar and to donate to the campaign, visit https://givebutter.com/togetherforanjar.

The “Together for Anjar” campaign was spearheaded by a group of concerned Anjartsis from across the world and is supported by the Mousa Ler Association of Los Angeles, California; the Mousa Ler Bay Area Association; the Mousa Ler Association of Fresno; Anjartsis of Montreal, Cambridge, and Toronto (Canada); the Mousa Ler Association of Detroit, Michigan; Anjartsis of New York and New Jersey Area; the Mousa Ler Association of France; Mousa Ler Youth Association of Armenia; Anjartsis of Australia; and the Anjartsis of Dubai.

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