AYF Protests Azeri Aggression in Royal Oak, Michigan

ROYAL OAK, Mich. — More than 100 people participated in a protest against Azeri aggression led by the Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” AYF-YOARF Senior Chapter.

“As a proud member of the Armenian Youth Federation and a great-granddaughter of Armenian Genocide survivors, I have always been taught that the Armenian cause has always demanded for a united, free and independent Armenia,” said AYF Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” Chapter chair Talar Bagdasarian during the August 4 demonstration in downtown Royal Oak. “With constant aggression going on with Turkey and Azerbaijan, our neighboring countries, it is impossible to reach that goal. Whether it was the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the Four Day War in 2016, or even today, we Armenians have always faced Azeri and Turkish aggression with a revolutionary spirit,” she continued.

After the opening remarks, the crowd marched while chanting “Stop Azeri aggression” and distributed information to the public on the Armenian cause. Although Detroit doesn’t have a Turkish or Azeri Embassy or Consulate, the community used this moment to educate people who would otherwise be oblivious to issues surrounding the Armenian community, including Artsakh.

“It’s always great to see the youth organize protests for the Armenian cause,” said Raffi Ourlian, chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Azadamard Gomideh. “It gives us hope that the next generation is stepping up, and we have a bright future and the demands for justice will continue.”

The youth also sang the Armenian national anthem “Mer Hairenik” and “Kedashen.” Long after the protest was over, the youth spent time together and even danced to Armenian music. 

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