ARF Artsakh Will Not Take Part in Newly-Formed Government

STEPANAKERT – The Central Committee of the Artsakh Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) issued a statement on May 25 that it will not participate as part of the government being formed by newly-elected President Arayik Harutyunyan. 

The full text of the statement appears below.

Dear compatriots,

As a result of the simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections held in Artsakh for the first time, the new executive and legislative authorities of the country are being formed.

In a statement issued on April 9, 2020, we announced our assessment of the parliamentary elections   and the position of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun about the second round of the presidential elections. 

Given the results of the national election and negotiations with the president-elect, we do not consider it appropriate to be part of the emerging government.

Based on the priorities and pre-election program of the joint political agenda published by the ARF Dashnaktsutyun on July 7, 2019, we will build relations with both the authorities and political forces of the Artsakh Republic.

We hope that the new authorities will spare no effort to achieve success during the important internal political consultations: strengthening statehood, security, international recognition of the Artsakh Republic, constitutional reforms, legal stipulation of military-political alliance with the Republic of Armenia, economic development, establishment of social justice, resettlement and improvement of the demographic situation.

With its pan-Armenian structure, the ARF Dashnaktsutyun will resolutely continue to contribute to the prosperity of the homeland. The starting point of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun was and remains the strengthening of freedom, justice, national and universal values ​​and ensuring internal solidarity.

ARF Central Committee of Artsakh
May 25, 2020

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