Society for Armenian Studies Launches e-SAS

The Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) is pleased to announce e-SAS (Entries of the Society for Armenian Studies), an online open access, peer-reviewed platform for the publication of short, scholarly pieces pertaining to Armenian Studies. In line with its name, Entries, e-SAS aims to provide “entry points”—for the international academic community, as well as the general public—into Armenian-related topics and issues concerning material and visual culture, politics, history, literature, art, archaeology, etc. As such, e-SAS defines Armenian Studies as broadly as possible—as a dynamic field that interlinks various geographic areas, peoples, languages and chronologies.

To advance this vision of Armenian Studies and to encourage a wide range of contributions, e-SAS’ Editorial Board is comprised of early-career scholars working in a variety of disciplines. The editor of e-SAS is Dzovinar Derderian, Ph.D. The Editorial Board is composed of: Anna Aleksanyan (Ph.D. Candidate, Clark University), Jesse Arlen (Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles), Varak Ketsemanian (Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University), Nora Lessersohn (Ph.D. Student, University College London), Erin Piñon (Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University), Ararat Sekeryan (Ph.D. Student, Columbia University), Christopher Sheklian, Ph.D. (Zohrab Information Center, NY) and Anoush Suni, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). The advisor is Bedross Der Matossian (University of Nebraska, Lincoln). Dr. Dzovinar Derderian, who was invited to the position of editor, commented, “I’m thrilled about our e-SAS initiative and the team of editors who have graciously agreed to work on this new project. The different disciplinary training that our members of the Editorial Board have received, will, I hope, provide an opportunity to emphasize our interdisciplinary approach to Armenian Studies. I foresee e-SAS to become a great platform through which interested parties can learn about the different types of scholarship produced on Armenian-related subjects.”

The initiative e-SAS is part of the larger projects of the Society for Armenian Studies aimed at disseminating knowledge on Armenian Studies to the academic community and the general audience. “We are excited about this project,” said Society for Armenian Studies president Bedross Der Matossian. “This is the first time that SAS is launching such an initiative. I have no doubt that this project will receive great attention and become a source of knowledge on issues pertaining to Armenian Studies.” 

Submission Guidelines 

e-SAS accepts submissions of short scholarly pieces ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 words. Works that add new perspectives and analysis to the existing scholarship are particularly welcomed. Submitted articles will first be reviewed by members of the editorial board and subsequently will go through a blind peer review by two external scholars. In addition to English, e-SAS accepts writings in Armenian, French and Turkish. Please send submissions to in Microsoft Word format and use the Chicago Style for citation. 


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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