Seeking Freelance Correspondents (Armenia)

The Armenian Weekly—a small, but fiercely dedicated newsroom with over a century of history under its belt—is seeking savvy individuals to act as our liaison to news and events in Armenia. Ideal candidates will:

  • Always be on the look out for the next story. Every now and then, we’ll send you out on assignment, but we want someone who is also willing to seek out ideas on their own. We expect this person to regularly pitch stories to our editorial team, and always be striving to provide coverage that is unique and thoughtful.
  • Flex their writing muscles in a big way. The applicant should be a versatile writer and able to shift between writing quick, time-sensitive news briefs to lengthier, investigative stories. Your English does not have to be perfect, but we do expect the applicant to have a basic understanding of journalistic form, style, and content.
  • Be committed to providing facts and context. A strong candidate will not shy away from interviews or calling local officials to back up their claims. This is absolutely crucial.
  • Remain objective. You may have your personal stance on a particular issue, but we expect that you will provide all the information available, allowing readers to make their own, informed opinions based on the information available.
  • Be independent. Correspondents will work closely with our editorial team, who is committed to providing the oversight necessary to create a great piece. But we do not have the resources to re-write your articles for you. If you need hand-holding every step of the way, you’re not the right person for this job.
  • Always be thinking ahead. The ideal candidate will have their story plan for the next month mapped out in their head. There should never be a lack of things to write about.
  • Be conscious of deadlines. We are a small print newspaper. If you don’t make your deadline one week, that means blank space in the paper our editorial team must scramble to fill. It’s okay once or twice, but if you’re someone who doesn’t do well with deadlines, please do not apply.

This is a freelance position, but we are looking for writers who are able to contribute regularly. The ideal candidates will be stationed in Armenia, will possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (Master’s degree a big plus), and have relevant experience already under their belt. Armenian language proficiency (Eastern or Western) is a must. Proficiency in other relevant regional languages, especially Russian, are also a big advantages—but not a total deal-breaker. We are looking for someone committed to facts, context, great storytelling, and creating a better media environment.

Those wishing to apply should send their resume, a cover letter explaining why you think you’re right for this job and writing samples to

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