Artsakh Serviceman Killed by Azerbaijani Sniper Fire

Two More Armenian Soldiers Suffer Minor Injuries in Incident

STEPANAKERT, Artsakh (A.W.)—Artsakh Army serviceman Vatche Chilingaryan (b. 1998) was killed by Azerbaijani fire on Jan. 7.

Artsakh Army serviceman Vatche Chilingaryan (b. 1998) was killed by Azerbaijani fire on Jan. 7

According to the Artsakh Defense Ministry, the soldier was fatally wounded at an Artsakh Army military unit at around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia Movses Hakobyan told reporters on Monday that Chilingaryan was killed by sniper fire and two other Armenian soldiers suffered minor injuries in the incident.

According to Hakobyan, the two injured soldiers are recovering. He also said the line of contact (LoC) between Artsakh and Azerbaijan is currently relatively calm.

The Defense Ministry announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident. It also expressed its grief and offered condolences to the soldier’s family, loved ones, and fellow servicemen.

A day earlier, another Artaskh Army serviceman, Mher Ziroyan (b. 1992), died as a result of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.


  1. “INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN LAUNCHED”.. Pretty obvious the Azeri side wants all Armenians dead. The Armenian military needs to get really mean and be PROACTIVE and cause pain and damage. The defensive approach just hemorrhages our youth AND WILL NOT END EVER….Its the only remedy for deterrence. Otherwise watch our youth get picked off one at a time and more “investigations” to come. Also, when is the diaspora youth allowed to serve? Never?

    • Do the math…if you average out the casualties during the war there were 1,000 deaths and 2,500 wounded per year. Since the Bishkek ceasefire (23 years) there are slightly over 100 killed or wounded per year. If you really want to see pain and damage, and the “hemorrhage” of youth, then by all means be “proactive”. I shouldn’t have to mention the opportunity cost of a wartime economy.

      Now let me answer the question you constantly post over and over about diaspora youth in the military. Read carefully.
      1. Gather birth/death certificates of your family members to prove your ethnic Armenian heritage.
      2. Get your baptism papers from the Armenian Church, if not baptized already, do so.
      3. Buy a plane ticket to Armenia and make an appointment at the OVIR office for citizenship.
      4. Pay your fee, fill out your application and grease some palms if necessary. Within 3-4 weeks you will get your citizenship, they will fast track it bc you are a diasporan.
      5. Make an appointment with a military recruitment center. They’ll gladly put you on the front lines.

  2. no need to add anything to joe’s message. when are we going to start retaliating, when. the more you sit back, the more you give the wrong message. hit back and hit back hard. that is the only thing they understand. an eye for an eye.

  3. Actually in all likelihood Artsakh command really does want to take care of business, but the Armenian government is requesting them not to, and that is probably related to Russia’s geopolitical status. Such as: if a war starts and Turkey joins Azerbaijan, Russia may not be able to aid Armenia as much as is necessary, because it is tied up in Ukraine and Syria, and NATO might act in all three (or even more) places at the same time. All of these issues are interconnected. That is my guess anyway.

    However, I do agree that the current “sitting duck” defense is ineffective and will eventually harm us a lot more than them, even if they are losing more people when we retaliate.

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