Armenian-American Chef Raffi Ghanimian Competes to Be Featured on ‘The Chew’

Raffi Ghanimian

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (A.W.)—Uprooted from our homes and relocated to foreign lands we were completely unfamiliar with, Armenians hoped to start a more prosperous life—a story that many of us around the world share and hope to achieve.

Raffi Ghanimian, who was born in Beirut and moved to Los Angeles, is a prime example of the “Armenian dream.” As a chef, Raffi loves to bring joy to others by creating flavors that exude happiness and love. As a representative of the Armenian community, he is extremely close to achieving his goal of being featured on the national stage.

“Eye on LA” has nominated Raffi to compete in the “Best Chef on the Block” competition hosted by ABC’s “The Chew.” Raffi has the opportunity to go head to head against other chefs from Los Angeles for a chance to fly to New York and compete on the popular cooking-themed talk show “The Chew.”

Votes may be cast for Raffi until the Jan. 8 deadline by clicking here.

Raffi Ghanimian’s profile on the competition website reads as follows:

All the love and passion in a person’s heart can be felt through their food. After taking a bite of Raffi’s food, you find yourself feeling reassured of life’s tastefulness, comforted by delicious simplicity, and warmed by the feeling that you’re right where you need to be. And all of that is met by the kind smile and generous hospitality he offers to each and every person. With Raffi, every person feels genuinely welcomed and special. Raffi lives every moment of his life with kindness and intense dedication to the things he loves—family and food. And in the unspoken ways we’re able to know, that intensity comes through in his simple yet incredibly delicious cooking. The flavors of his food tell a story of life’s richness—the beautiful melting pot of life as an Armenian immigrant, the journey of life’s hurdles and successes, and ultimately, the importance of living by who you truly are. At the end of the day, it’s a meal—but you walk away with not just a full and happy belly, but a restored sense of humanity and all that’s good in this world

To vote for Raffi, visit the competition website, scroll down, and click on “Raffi Ghanimian” by Jan. 8.

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