YES Armenia Program Seeks Young Talent to Help Modernize Armenia’s Public Sector


YEREVAN—The Center for Strategic Initiatives (CSI), with the technical and financial support from the European Union, is launching a Young Experts Scheme called the YES Armenia Program.

The Armenian Government Building in Yerevan (Photo:

The public sector in Armenia is in need for urgent reforms. The government of Armenia is currently working on modernization of its civil service to make it more open, flexible, and dynamic, and above all, professional and attractive for young talent.

In Armenia and the Diaspora, there is plentiful of expertise and know-how among those who have studied and worked in Armenia or abroad and are ready to contribute to the development of Armenia. Every year,  young Armenians from the Diaspora come to Armenia to volunteer in NGOs or private-sector companies. Every year, hundreds of young Armenian graduates acquire degrees from top universities of the world or in the country. Most of that talent seeks opportunities to take part in Armenia’s development.

Through the YES Armenia Program, about 20 young Armenians and Armenian citizens will gain the opportunity to work in and for Armenian ministries, government agencies, and other government institutions for 12 months, starting next month, bringing new dynamism and energy to the civil service and contributing to its modernization.

The YES Armenia Program is designed to help the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and projects that support the realization of key reforms envisaged in the Armenia Development Strategy of the new Government Program (2017-2022), and they are in line with the EU and Armenia Partnership Priorities.

The main task of the young experts will be to design and implement specific projects linked to those priorities and reforms.

Applications are due Oct. 15. For more information, visit


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