Stepanakert Responds to Nalbandian’s Comments: ‘There Can Be No Return to Past Borders’

Artsakh President’s Spokesperson Responds to Comments by Armenia’s Foreign Minister Nalbandian about Territorial Concessions

YEREVAN (Asbarez)—Artsakh presidential spokesperson David Babayan did not equivocate on Tuesday when he told Azatutyun .am that there absolutely cannot be a scenario where Artsakh returns to its Soviet-era borders, adding that all territories of Artsakh were important in ensuring the country’s and its residents’ security.

Nalbandian speaking at the Armenia-Diaspora conference (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia)

This announcement was in response to questions raised following an address by Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian during his presentation at the Armenia-Diaspora conference currently underway in Yerevan. During his official statement, he reiterated Armenia’s position vis-à-vis the Karabagh conflict resolution process and included harsh criticism of Azerbaijan’s military attacks on Artsakh.

Nalbandian’s controversial comments came during a response to a question from a conference participant regarding the concept of “return of territories,” and caused confusion among conference participants and others. “We are talking about those territories whose return will not endanger the resolution of the conflict and the security [of Artsakh] and will not threaten the outcome of the process,” Nalbandian said in his answer.

Asked to comment on Nalbandian’s remarks, Babayan said, “All the territories around Artsakh are important in terms of ensuring its security; there can be no return to the past in terms of borders and status.”

He added that any compromise must be proportional. “If we are talking about territories, we must remember that Azerbaijan is occupying many Armenian regions: Getashen, Martunashen, Artsvashen, Shahumyan…must all be returned,” said Babayan. “There will be no unilateral concessions. Any one-sided concession will lead to disaster.”

Speaking to, Armen Rustamyan, head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation faction of the Armenian Parliament, pointed out that there can be no unilateral concessions. He said compromises may be considered only when Artsakh’s independence is fully recognized.

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  1. There can not be any territorial concessions period,the seven liberated regions must always be in our hands as thousands gave their life to liberate them and now some moron wants to give it to the azeris.As for Armen Rustamyan’s statement that compromises may be considered only when Artsakh’s independence is fully recognised is short of all the promises made by ARF in the past and now that they are part of this criminal coalition he has somewhat changed his tune which I consider to be treacherous as bad as that idiot FM Nalbandian.

  2. Nalbandian needs to be removed. Its amazing the useless foreign minister is negotiation on behalf of all Armenians for the freedom of Artsakh. How scary. Everything that should come out of his mouth should be a confirmation of Artsakh’s permanent independence.

  3. Nalbandyan is Russia’s most devoted man in the RA government. Even Sergio Sargsyan who is Russia’s puppet, wanted to remove him but couldn’t because of Russian pressure. He is a traitor planted within the government and is dangerous to Armenia’s security and sovereignty.

  4. You guys need to take a chill pill. Official Yerevan is playing games. It’s a classic mutt and jeff routine. No ones is giving up Artsakh, not Armenians not Russians. Russia is the number one friend and protector of Armenia AND Artsakh.

    • “Russia is the number one friend and protector of Armenia AND Artsakh”. I beg to differ. I would not trust Russia. It sells sophisticated weapons to Azerbaijan and now through Turkey, the Russian S400 anti missile defense system will be on Azeri soil to counter the Armenian held Iskanders. Russia plays both sides of the fence. It wants Azerbaijan in its sphere. If it has to sacrifice part of Armenia it will. It says nothing about the constant Azeri aggression. Russia knew of the April war and didn’t warn Armenia. Tells you everything about Russia. Trust the Armenian Army only. Trust ourselves.

    • Noreserunt, why do you trust Russia all the times?? they have same mentality of 1920 when they gave away Western Armenia to Ottoman Turk, and 1936 Nakhichevan and NKR to Axerbaijan!I know your answer already, they were not RUSSIANS, but who are real Russians?? sneaky Putin? Do you really trust him??

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