Take Action Now: End Americana’s Gag Rule

The Americana at Brand, in Glendale, Calif., has rejected billboard space to an Armenian Genocide film, calling it “too political.” The documentary, “Architects of Denial,” aims to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide and human rights violations happening today.

Tell the Americana at Brand and Caruso Affiliated to end its gag rule on the anti-genocide documentary.

On Aug. 4 and Aug. 8, 2017, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Glendale chapter submitted letters to the Americana at Brand and Caruso Affiliated, requesting an immediate meeting and action to rectify this situation. To date, The Americana at Brand and Caruso Affiliated have not responded to the letters and calls.

Take action now! Tell the Americana at Brand and Caruso Affiliated to end its gag rule on the anti-genocide documentary.

Simply type in your name, address, and email address, and click “Send Message!” Caruso Affiliated and the Americana at Brand management will immediately receive your letter.

After you send the letter, take a minute to spread the word on your social media platforms to encourage friends and family to take action on this important issue.

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  1. Best thing to do is if they don’t put up the billboard, boycott them. They’re using the fact that it’s their right to put up or not put up whatever they like, however, in this case it’s being done for reasons other than it being “too political”. It’s quite obvious they’ve come under the influence of others who don’t want to see the film being promoted and/or that have an agenda other than the expression of the facts as they present themselves as part of the historical record. As much as some would want to deny the Genocide and use every trick they can to obfuscate the facts, in the end, the truth of the matter will win out. No matter the denial, whitewashing or just plain willful ignorance.

  2. I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but as an Armenian, I am on Americana’s side. It is private property and they can choose to display or not display whatever they want. Also, what are we to achieve with this advertisement in Glendale of all places? Why are we not more concerned with the ignorant and repugnant public opinion of Armenians, particularly in Southern California. Let’s fix that and educate non-Armenians about the contributions we’ve made and values we bring to America. People are already well aware about the genocide; some Americana shopper who sees the ad and goes to the movie is not going to call Erdogan and convince him the country has to do the right thing. Besides, with a last name like Caruso what do you expect unless the ad included a reminder of the holocaust.

    • I disagree Jack. The Holocausts isn’t denied here in the USA. the Armenian Genocide is denied and done purposely to avoid just compensation and to keep the main actors a secret.. There is no room for picking and choosing which denial we will go after. Its all horrible. Especially in a mostly Armenian community. I would picket it and boycott it. Let them pay financially for theiur blatant obtuse stance on the AG. And send a clear message that those days are coming to close. Denial is the last phase of any genocide.

  3. In this case I would spend that AD money to rent billboard trucks and request them to drive around Americana for couple of days 10 hours a day. I my self will boycott Americana.

  4. The most effective way to make Americana understand that it needs Armenians (their dollars) more than Armenians need it, is to stop patronizing Americana. Instead Armenians should take their business to the Galleria.

    In capitalist society the most effective way is to hit them where it hurts the most, the wallet. Armenians should make it their mission to actively campaign against patronizing Americana.

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