AYF Camp Haiastan Flags Lowered to Half-Staff in Honor of Unger Mark Alashaian

On July 1, the flags at AYF Camp Haiastan were lowered to half-staff. The passing of unger Mark Alashaian was felt not just here at Camp, but across the entire diaspora. We not only lost a legendary unger, but a father, an uncle, and most importantly, an inspiration.

The AYF Camp Haiastan flags lowered half-staff in honor of unger Mark

All of us here at Camp Haiastan are young with long, full lives ahead of us. This is a time to grieve, but also a time to learn. To learn from Unger Mark’s life and make him proud by honoring his beliefs and ideals. We can uphold and teach the values of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). We can continue his work as members of these organizations. We can make his legacy proud.

We, as the Armenian people, have survived for millennia. We’ve persevered through the loss of millions, but that does not discount the loss of one. We can continue surviving, we can continue our struggle, all while thriving in the process. Let us honor unger Mark by continuing his work, and in the words of unger Mal Varadian, “make it better than it was.”

Unger Daron Pogharian
Camp Haiastan Staff, Summer 2017



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  1. avatar Tania Odabashian // July 5, 2017 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    I think this is a fitting tribute. My memories of him are during registration, buying kebab. Very gregarious. Always very welcoming to me, my husband and the girls. If he made such an imprint on me that knew him casually, I can only imagine the big hole left in lives of his close friends and family

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