Wounded Soldier Transported to Yerevan Remains in Life Threatening Condition

YEREVAN (A.W.)— On June 19, wounded serviceman Yuri Zakaryan (b. 1997) was transported from Stepanakert to the Ministry of Defense Central Clinical Military Hospital in Yerevan, according to the head of the hospital’s intensive care unit Gayane Hovhannisyan.

Gayane Hovhannisyan (Photo:

Speaking to reporters, Hovhannisyan noted that Zakaryan received a head injury on June 17 and his status is considered to be life threatening.

“He currently is unconscious and is connected to a breathing apparatus,” said Hovhannisyan.

Zakaryan already had surgery in Stepanakert but was transported to Yerevan with a helicopter after his condition worsened.

Hovhannisyan noted that two other wounded soldiers who were transported to Yerevan on June 17 are in stable condition.

On June 17, Armenian serviceman Narek Gasparyan became the fourth Artsakh Defense Army soldier killed as a result of Azerbaijani aggression in the span of two days.

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