Azerbaijani Guided Missile Hits Armenian Military Equipment


STEPANAKERT, Artsakh (A.W.)—On May 15, the Azerbaijani forces fired a guided missile towards Armenian military equipment in the eastern direction of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani border, reported the Artsakh Defense Ministry.

As a result, a piece of military equipment was partially damaged, according to the statement released by the Ministry. There were no casualties reported.

The Artsakh Defense Ministry noted that the Azerbaijani offensive will not remain unanswered.


  1. What is most disturbing about this is that Armenians have long seemed to be sitting ducks.

    Azeris can apparently attack anytime they want with virtual impunity.

    There are maybe 2 million Armenians, while Azerbaijan has 10 million people.

    Thus, Azerbaijan can fight a war of attrition. It does not care how many men it loses. As long as the losses are kept in balance, the Azeris will eventually win because the Armenian side will run out of men, not to mention money.

    All the while, the leaders and oligarchs of Armenia steal money from the people and weaken the country. They send their sons and daughter to Europe and LA to buy mansions and establish bank accounts with stolen money.

    So when things get really rough, they’ll abandon Artsakh and Armenia and go live in luxury.

    Our millenia-old country is being sold up the river. How long is this going to go on?

    Why was Serge honored by the Diaspora when he came to this country a while back?

  2. These provocations remain unanswered, because the International community of nations have failed to discipline Azerbaijan, or even condemn Azerbaijan’s indisputably obvious ceasefire violations, which happen regularly (on a monthly, if not weekly basis), during the passed two decades. The OSCE has tirelessly failed to identify the true culprit, and instead has made numerous pleas for both sides to sustain the ceasefire; consequently, the situations has regularly been escalated,

  3. Armenia and their leaders need to read Azerbiajn news. Every time they have financial issues they start a skirmish. PAY ATTENTION! They just declared their major banks will not be making loan payments last week. Its a major deal. This type of news always coincide with violence against Karabakh. So be PREPARED and unleash hell. Azerbaijan cant afford a long war. But they can shoot at will and kill one Armenian soldier every other day. This is unacceptable. Time to prepare for war.

  4. “The Artsakh Defense Ministry noted that the Azerbaijani offensive will not remain unanswered.”


    How long is Artsakh/Armenia going to absorb punches before they unleash a volley of counter punches??
    Are they just punching bags, or, do they have fists??

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