ARF Publishes Statement Ahead of Yerevan City Council Elections

YEREVAN (A.W.)— On May 5, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Yerevan gomideh published the following statement regarding the upcoming Yerevan City Council Elections on May 14. 


The ARF Yerevan gomideh will be endorsing its working partner, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), in the upcoming Yerevan City Council Elections. This decision was made based on a joint commitment by the two parties to implement qualitative changes within the country.

We urge are members and supporters to vote for the list headed by Taron Margaryan on May 14.

Understanding the necessity of forming a City Council through conscious votes, the ARF representatives of local electoral commissions will do their part to ensure that the will of our citizens is freely expressed.

As previously announced, we [the ARF] are obliged to focus on all of Yerevan’s pressing issues and to participate in finding solutions to them, to the best of our ability.


ARF Yerevan gomideh
May 5, 2017


The statement was translated by the Armenian Weekly 

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