Azerbaijani Diplomat’s Wife Avoids Shoplifting Charge through Diplomatic Immunity


BRONX, New York (A.W.)— The wife of an Azerbaijani diplomat walked away free after she was caught using a baby stroller to shoplift from a Bronx department store, reported New York Daily News.

The wife of an Azerbaijani diplomat walked away from a shoplifting charge at a Bronx Marshalls, on Grand Concourse. (Noonan Jeanne/New York Daily News)

A security guard at the Marshalls in Fordham caught Mehriban Jabrayilov trying to leave the store with $188.88 worth of items in a bag stuffed into the bottom of a baby stroller on April 25, read the report.

Jabrayilov told the officers who were called to the store that she was married to Azerbaijan’s First Secretary Farid Jabrayilov and has diplomatic immunity.

Police then confirmed her identity and her diplomatic immunity and released her. Diplomatic immunity also extends to spouses of diplomats.

According to the report, the New York Police Department contacts the State Department in such cases. The State Department has the ability to revoke a diplomat’s immunity and can seek a waiver of immunity to allow for persecution.

“This did not happen,” her husband told the Daily News. “Sorry, but I did not know about this,” he added when pressed. A manager at Marshalls declined to comment.




  1. Comrade Jabrayilov makes me think that Turkish denialism is not crafted just for Genocide and massacre of Christians, but is deployed on reflex any time there is an accusation big or small against a worthy Turk. After all, look at his first 2 contradictory excuses:

    1. “This did not happen”

    2. “Sorry but I did not know about this.” [Well, which is it, Comrade].

    Tomorrow he will say that Marshalls Department Store merchandise had to be moved out of the store in secret for the good of the people of New York, and that Marshalls has nothing to complain about and should pay for his charming wife’s emotional distress.

    But in reality The Big Anteater Aliev will probably make them come home and start pickling sturgeon, or the government will claim she is Armenian.

  2. Is this really relevant?

    The one stereotype that is commonly said about the Armenian Diaspora is that the only thing that unites us is “hatred of Turks” or “hatred of Azeris.” If we advertise to the world that we care about any unimportant story that happens to paint Azerbaijan or Turkey, or prominent Azeri and Turkish people, in a bad light, that plays right into the stereotype.

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