Lebanon’s ARF Student Association Peacefully Demonstrates Against Genocide Denial on University Campus


BEIRUT, Lebanon—On April 4, members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Zavarian Student Association of Lebanon held apeaceful demonstration at the University of Holy Spirit of Kaslik, during a lecture on the history of contemporary Turkey, delivered by Turkish historian İlber Ortaylı—a well-known denier of the  Armenian Genocide.

On April 4, members of the ARF Zavarian Student Association held a peaceful demonstration at the University of Holy Spirit of Kaslik. (Photo: ARF Zavarian Student Association)

Zavarian Student Association members chanted “genocide denialist,” “shame on you,” and “we are here,” during Ortaylı’s lecture.

“We as Lebanese know very well how Turkish authorities have starved and tortured the dependents of the Ottoman Empire. We as the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, are the living proof of the atrocities and indescribable crimes against humanity the Turks committed,” read a part of the statement released by the student group following the demonstration.

Click here for a a video from the demonstration.

According to the statement,  the aim of the peaceful campaign was to spread awareness and remind the public about the denialist and intolerant nature of the Turkish state, that tries to “spread its political, economic,and cultural influence in the Middle East” and to remind the Holy University of Kaslik that Ortaylı’s lecture “does not suit its reputation.”

“The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik has always been and will always remain the supporters of humanitarian causes and have opposed all sorts of injustice. The University should have also hosted unbiased Turkish historians who are brave enough to speak the truth on the history and the bloody path of ‘Turkey’s nation building,’” read a part of the statement.

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  1. Well done Zavarian youth. I salute you.
    Continue to remind the world of the Genocide perpetrated to million and half Armenians by o turkey and denied by turkey.
    And that the funding they provide lobbyists is from the Armenian treasures the Turks looted.

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