Vardanyan Reiterates ARF’s Commitment to Ensuring that April 2 Election is Successful

Vardanyan: ‘I am Confident that the New Election Process, with all of the Safeguards Against Violations, will Ensure a Successful Election’

YEREVAN—Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council representative and ARF campaign manager Aghvan Vardanyan reiterated the party’s commitment to ensuring that the upcoming Parliamentary Elections would be successful at a press conference on the afternoon of March 31.

Aghvan Vardanyan (File photo: Photolure)

“Those who were skeptical about the elections will take part in this election due to the new rules and processes,” said Vardanyan at the press conference held at the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia headquarters.

During his remarks, Vardanyan stressed that the new election process will ensure that past discrepancies would be avoided, reported Asbarez.

“I am confident that the new election process, with all of the safeguards against violations, will ensure a successful election,” added Vardanyan.

A day earlier, the ARF held its final campaign rally, during which Vardanyan explained that the ARF’s responsibility is to guarantee the freedom of the Armenian people and to ensure that the election process is carried out smoothly. At the rally, which was attended by thousands of party supporters, Vardanyan stressed that those that take away the rights of the Armenian people do not deserve to be part of the Armenian identity.

“Political power should not be defined by how much money you have or how much leverage you hold,” said Vardanyan. “Real political forces are defined by principles and the commitment to uphold these principles.”


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