AYF Eastern U.S. Issues Statement on Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees

WATERTOWN, Mass.—Newly elected United States President Donald Trump has recently issued an Executive Order to temporarily prevent immigrants and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen from traveling to the U.S. The Armenian Youth Federation, Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (AYF-YOARF) Eastern Region, stands strongly against this ban.

As descendants of immigrants, or immigrants ourselves, we are exceptionally disappointed by this order. Our communities were founded on the basis that America was a safe haven for Armenians, and all foreigners, looking to escape persecution and endangerment. This new order prevents our brothers and sisters in Syria, who are currently suffering, from finding refuge here in the United States. Many AYF-YOARF members still have family in Syria looking to escape.

Not too long ago, many of our ancestors came to this country when fleeing the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire. Had the United States closed its doors then, the Armenian diaspora would look vastly different than it does today.

The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region firmly stands against this executive order, and will continue to fight for justice and human rights for all.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. Why are you so short sighted. This is only a temporary ban. The purpose is to keep our country safe. On the other hand what’s good for Armenians might not necessarily be what’s good for America.
    How about giving our President the benefit of a doubt. He’s a decent person and he loves this country. Our out of control left wing media is distorting every move he makes. President Trump is open and positive about allowing Christians from those countries to resettle here

  2. I think you need to pause a moment to examine what President Trump has opted to do in this temporary shutdown of immigration flow into America. There will be much more debate than I could offer to you to try and change your position. However, I will tell you what happened in my own personal history. World War 1 saw the gates of America closed off to immigrants from abroad because of the war. America entered WW1 in 1917. I guess this was a form of “protecting” America at that time. My mother, Loussik Tutunjian, age 16 ish sailed from Aintab in Western Armenia to America to meet her postcard husband-to-be Kazar Boyajian. He reached America, as an immigrant after being captured by the Bulgarians when they defeated the Ottoman Army who were invading Europe. My mother returned to Aintab. She and her family lived through the 1915-1922 persecutions by the Turks. In 1922-23 the entire city of Aintab was force marched out of Turkey to Aleppo, Syria. My father and mother had maintained contact. She could not enter America because the McCarren Act required special sponsorships. My father and mother then arranged to both go to Cuba and in 1925 they met, married and traveled to America. Ten years later I was born. Both waited 11 years for their invisible commitment to marriage. So I say to you let us be patient for three months to allow our new president to assess, learn and adjust to the immigration issue. Armen K. Boyajian
    PS: If you can send to me a copy of this text, I would appreciate it.

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