AYF Participates in Young European Socialists Meeting


PARIS, France (A.W.) – The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) participated in the Young European Socialist (YES) Bureau meeting at YES headquarters in Paris on Nov. 25-27.

The AYF participated in the Young European Socialist (YES) Bureau meeting at the YES’s headquarters in Paris from Nov. 25-27.

Thirty representatives from European socialist and social democratic youth and student organizations participated in the meeting. According to an Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau Youth Office press release, Sarineh Abrahamian from Holland represented the AYF.

In her opening remarks, president of the French Young Socialist Party Laura Slimani, stressed that these were difficult times for socialists. She added that it is important to remain united and fight in the name of socialist values, which include social justice, equality, and women’s rights.

In the evening of Nov. 25, participants took part in a demonstration, protesting violence against women on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The following day, the meeting continued in one of the halls of the French National Assembly. Participants were divided into groups to work on separate resolutions and to later present them.

The meeting adopted resolutions regarding the rights of women, the use of nuclear weapons, the Cyprus issue, as well as several others.

A resolution concerning Turkey was also passed, which condemned the actions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and demanded the proper treatment of Kurds and other minorities in the country.

Several organizational issues were also discussed during the meeting.





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