Longtime ARF Activist Tigran Sarkuni Passes Away

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Western United States Central Committee announced the passing of one of its devoted members, unger Tigran Sarkuni, which occurred on Nov. 26 in Los Angeles.

Tigran Sarkuni
Tigran Sarkuni

The late Sarukuni held leadership roles in the party on both the Western and Eastern regions and had an active and extensive in various community organizations and structures. Sarkuni was born in 1941, in Anjar, Lebanon.



The ARF Eastern Region United States Central Committee extends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of longtime ARF member unger Tigran Sarkuni.

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  1. Dear Maggie {Mrs. Sarkuni); family; Ungers;

    It seems like yesterday when our entire “Gasm” of the ARF Central Committee of the
    Eastern USA attended your wedding in Los Angeles. Where has all the time gone?

    I can never forget his dry wit and perspicacity in half serious and joking comments on so
    many issues that we were involved with that always revealed the correct path for us to follow.
    For example, I can never forget the following analysis: that the Armenian people are far too
    intelligent to be fooled by a ridiculus explanation of a bad decision we may make.

    He said, for example, “Do you think that they would forgive us like the Egyptian people
    did after losing the Six Day War in 1967, where tens of thousands were gathered in a great
    public square to hear their leaderships explanation for that great tragedy. There, Abdul Gamal
    Nassar, the Egyptian president said, we lost because they fooled us, they did not fight fair,
    we thought they would attack us from the East (Sark) but instead they came from the West
    (Gharb). In agreement with that inane explanation the great throng shouted,- NASSAR,-
    NASSAR,- NASSAR.” All this in a mocking tone of voice, partially in Arabic to make his point
    for those who knew Arabic, with his typical theatrical emphasis to illustrate his intelligent point.

    I will miss him greatly, staying with him in his Mount Olympus home in L .A. instead of
    my Nephew or my Hyastanstzi cousins on those occasions when I find myself in California….

    “Togh hogheh tehtev kah ir ahjounnerin verah.”

    Unger Ned (Nishan) Apigian
    Dearborn Heights MI

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