ARS Cleveland Raises Funds for Artsakh

CLEVELAND, Ohio— The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Cleveland Artsakh chapter organized a fund raising event, to raise funds to benefit the people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh/NKR) and the Armenian soldiers serving on the front lines. A total of $8,700 was raised during the event.

ARS Cleveland members

The event was held on Nov. 6 at the St. Gregory of Narek Cultural Hall. Guests and organizers alike had an enjoyable time with great food and desserts while supporting a great cause.

Members of the ARS Cleveland Artsakh chapter, donated, cooked, and graciously served the food and desserts. Other members of the community also helped with transportation needs and music. Of special mention, Edward Davidian and Sarkis Barsamian contributed by organizing and setting up the hall.

In addition to the buffet, this year included the sale of gift items of interest to Armenians. Items such as videos and books were donated by members of the community and the items sold contributed to the fundraising. Great appreciation is extended to the donors and community members who bought these items.

Kevan Asadorian speaking

The event opened with the singing of the Armenian national anthem, Mer Hairenik, followed by the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Reverend Fr. Der Hratch Sargsyan from the St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Apostolic Church offered the communal blessing of the table and prayers for the soldiers in Artsakh. He also gave a brief speech stressing the importance of donating for this cause.

A short program commenced after the meal. Ungerouhi Rose Paratto from ARS Cleveland conveyed the ARS mission and the urgent need to help Artsakh. Ungerouhi Carmen Barsamian and Nicole Charatian Blasko presented certificates of appreciation and a small gift to our three members with 50 years or more of service in the ARS and our 5 members with 25 years or more service. The newer members were introduced as well.

Ungerouhi Rose Paratto speaking

The program proceeded with one of our young Armenian talents, Taleen Boman reciting a Silva Gaboudigian poem, charming and inspiring the guests. Our guest speaker, Kevan Asadorian, inspired many of those in attendance to donate generously. Asadorian spoke about his personal journey in Artsakh and the great need to help our soldiers defending our frontlines and putting their life in great danger. Paratto, Asadourian, and Fr. Sargsyan all urged and expressed the great need to help Artsakh. The total collected figure was announced while the audience was enjoying the desserts. ARS Cleveland thanked the Armenian community of Cleveland for their great generosity and helping them reach and exceed their goal.


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  1. avatar Anoush Mareshlian // November 23, 2016 at 2:11 pm // Reply

    This is a phenomenal success and it goes to show how few people can accomplish great deeds. Anyone who knows the Armenian community in Cleveland knows that it is a small community…obviously with big hearts. Great to hear and “vartzgerneet Gadar”. The picture of the women depicts hard workers and the spokeswomen and man definitely bring out the best of results.

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