At Least One Armenian Killed in Nice Attack (Updated)

NICE, France (A.W.)—At least one Armenian citizen was killed in the attack on a Bastille Day celebration in Nice on July 14, which French President Francois Hollande called a “terrorist assault.” Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) tweeted about the citizen’s death hours after the attack. The Armenian MFA announced the death of a second Armenian citizen in a separate tweet, but later said the news had been inaccurate.

French police stand near the truck that ploughed into crowds in Nice (Photo: AFP)
French police stand near the truck that ploughed into crowds in Nice (Photo: AFP)

Witnesses and authorities said that at least 84 people, including children, were killed by a charging truck while they celebrated the French national holiday, reported the New York Times. The driver of the truck, who is yet to be officially identified, was shot to death by police officers. According to several reports, papers found inside the truck indicate that the attacker was a 31-year-old man of Franco-Tunisian descent named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

The Armenian MFA tweeted the news about the death of the Armenian citizen (Photo: Armenia MFA - Twitter)
The Armenian MFA tweeted the news about the death of the Armenian citizen (Photo: Armenia MFA – Twitter)

Nice’s Armenian priest, Father Grigor Khachatrian, said that the Armenian who was killed was a young woman. Speaking to Armenia’s Arevelk news, Father Khachatrian said that while the identity of the deceased was clear, they could not yet officially release any details.

According to the French-Armenian “Nouvelles D’Armenie” magazine, the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCAF) issued the following statement: “The CCAF sincerely condemns the attack that occurred in Nice on the national holiday. Our thoughts are with the victims of this massacre, that is a result of jihadist barbarism, which strikes France after having sown death and destruction in the Middle East. We extend our condolences to the families affected by this terrible terrorist attack, as well as to the city of Nice, local and national authorities, and the president of the Republic.”

Armenian President Serge Sarkisian also sent his condolences to President Hollande. In his letter, Sarkisian condemned the assault and called for a united fight against international terrorism. Below is Sarkisian’s letter in its entirety.


I am deeply shocked by the news on the horrendous tragedy which took place last night in Nice and claimed [the] lives of dozens of innocent people. During [the] last 18 months, France has for the third time become a target for barbaric acts. They have cast [a] blow not only on France but on the entire human kind. This is also a signal for us to unite more resolutely in our fight against the international terrorism.

I express my deepest condolences to you, the government of France, and families of the victims on the occasion of the dreadful tragedy which overwhelmed your country and assure you that at the difficult time of grief, Armenia and the Armenian people stand by the friendly France.

Serge Sarksian
President of the Republic of Armenia


  1. Sorry to hear about this tragic loss, my condolences to the victims’ families.

    But I have a message to France. In the same tradition of the western and French media of the past 5 years, doesn’t this mean that Hollande is “butchering his own people and has lost all legitimacy and he must step down” to let the Free French Army bring equal rights to France?

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