Armenian Serviceman Killed as Azerbaijan Continues to Violate Ceasefire

STEPANAKERT, NKR (A.W.)—Armenian serviceman Gevorg Gevorgyan (b. 1996) was killed by Azerbaijani fire on the southern direction of the Line of Contact (LoC) at around 9:50 a.m. on April 19, according to a press statement released by the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Ministry of Defense (MoD). The ministry did not release additional details, as the incident is currently under investigation.

In a separate press release, the MoD announced that Azerbaijani Armed Forces violated the ceasefire agreement several times, firing various caliber weapons on Armenian positions along the LoC on the night of April 19-20. Azerbaijani forces violated the ceasefire regime at least 50 times and fired at least one 60-mm mortar.

The NKR Defense Army remains resolute in monitoring the LoC, announced the NKR Defense Ministry in the statement.

Two days earlier, on April 17, two NKR Defense Army servicemen were wounded, according to the NKR Defense Ministry. Violating the ceasefire nearly 50 times, Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired various caliber weapons along the NKR Line of Contact (LoC) on the night of April 17-18.

On April 17, two NKR Defense Army servicemen, Erik Matevosyan (b. 1991) and Azad Barsamyan (b. 1996), were wounded when Azerbaijan opened fire on military positions in the northern section of the LoC.


  1. The Azeri and Turkish forces will keep on violating the ceasfire. They have no fear of European or US reprisals. They have them covered with the support of Israel. It is up to the governments of Artsakh and Armenia whether to go on counting the violations for reporting purposes, or take proactive action to reverse theis monstrous trend. Armenians cannot afford losing one soul. Soldier or civilian.

  2. This should be a wake up call for any armenian that thibks that the Turks have somehow changed or are more ‘progressive’ than their ancestors. When Armenians are being killed and the chips are down, the Turkish community around the globe turns up the heat. The head of the Turkish organisation in Sweden gets even more motivated to spew his hate when Armenians are being beheaded. This is in Sweden, a progressive and civilised country with a 60 year history of tolerance. People never change. Rember this Armenians.

  3. Do you really believe the azeris will ever agree to a ceasefire? Come on! Please open your eyes and your hearts and realise that these criminals will never agree to any cease fire. They have a habit of duping those who bring these recommendations into force. You must always be on your mark. What have those who suggested a cease fire done? I wonder. Stop the arm sales and we might get some sanity.

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