Armenian Districts in Aleppo Hit in Latest Missile Attacks

A destroyed home in Aleppo (Photo: Kantsasar)
A destroyed home in Aleppo (Photo: Kantsasar)

ALEPPO, Syria (A.W.)—Aleppo’s Armenian-populated Nor Kyugh and Villaner districts were attacked by missiles on April 14, according to a report by Aleppo-based Kantsasar news. The attack reportedly came from militant opposition groups that broke the ceasefire early in the morning. Some civilians sustained injuries and many buildings, including homes and stores, suffered extensive damage, according to the report.

Over the last few days, Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsood district has also been the target of missile attacks. Aleppo-based Perio News reported that at least one missile struck the vicinity of the Karen Jeppe Armenian School (Jemaran) of Aleppo, though no casualties were reported. Kantsasar also reported that Syrian Army Forces are making attempts to gain control of the targeted areas of the city.

Raffi Kazezian (Photo: Kantsasar)
Raffi Kazezian (Photo: Kantsasar)

These latest attacks came a day after Syria’s parliamentary elections, which the Armenian community actively participated in, were held, according to Kantsasar.

A week ago, on April 8, Kantsasar also reported that Sbidag Azad Ghazarian, a Kamishli-Armenian serving in the Syrian Army, was killed in action. Two days earlier, another ethnic-Armenian serviceman in the Syrian Armed Forces from Aleppo, Raffi Kazezian, was killed in action in Damascus.


  1. Turkey and its pawns called ISIS are determined to continue the Genocide that O. Turkey perpetrated a 100 years ago. Vartanants, occupations of our lands, destructions, conversions, Hamidian massacres, the Genocide all aimed to annihilate the Armenians. Of no avail. Armenians will overcome all hardships. Be it in Jerusalem, Syria, Artsakh, Armenia, current Turkey, or elsewhere.

  2. We have a free and independent homeland yet these people choose not only to stay, take sides, and vote but also fight and die in a country they have no business being in. If this isn’t crazy I don’t know what is!

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