Four Armenian Servicemen Killed by Azerbaijani Fire

STEPANAKERT, NKR (A.W.)—Four Armenian servicemen were killed on Sept. 25 in an offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan. Norayr Khachatryan (b. 1995), Robert Mkrtchyan (b. 1995), Harout Hakobyan (b. 1997), and Karen Shahinyan (b. 1997) of the Artsakh Armed Forces were killed in the Azerbaijani attack, announced the Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Ministry of Defense.

Four Armenian servicemen were killed today in an offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan on Sept. 25
Four Armenian servicemen were killed in an offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan on Sept. 25

According to the ministry, Azerbaijani forces used Turkish-made TR-107 rocket launchers in the attack. Intensive shelling reportedly took place on Sept. 24 and 25.

A day earlier, 83-year-old Parakavar resident Baydzar Aghajanyan and Berdavan residents Shushan Asatryan, 94, and Sona Revezyan , 41, were killed by Azerbaijani artillery fire that targeted Armenian border villages in Armenia’s Tavush province. Four other residents were wounded in the attack.

“The Republic of Armenia urges the Azerbaijani civilian population on the border areas to refrain from becoming a human shield for the military of Azerbaijan,” read a statement released by the Armenian Ministry of Defense following the attack on border villages, stressing that “Armenian military forces will take necessary measures to stabilize the situation, the consequences of which will be on the shoulders of the Azerbaijani military leadership.”

On Sept. 25, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) parliamentary faction secretary Aghvan Vardanyan noted that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group co-chairing countries had the power to reduce tension on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and to prevent the killing of innocent civilians, if they so willed and proceeded to work together accordingly.

The Minsk Group co-chairs Igor Popov, James Warlick, and Pierre Andrieu, as well as the personal representative of the OSCE chairperson-in-office Andrzej Kasprzyk, met with Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister Edward Nalbandian on Sept. 24, during which Nalbandian expressed his indignation over the violations of the ceasefire by Azerbaijan.

The OSCE Minsk Group released a statement on Sept. 25 condemning the recent attacks and “casualties on each side of the international border and Line of Contact.” In the statement, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs expressed their “serious concern about Armenian and Azerbaijani forces using mortars and heavy weapons in and around civilian areas.” The group steered clear of blaming Azerbaijan for the killing of the three Armenian civilian women on Sept. 25, instead opting for what observers have called the group’s habit of projecting “artificial even-handedness” and addressing their appeal to both sides to refrain from targeting civilians.


  1. First, Ambassador James Warlick should resign since he
    cannot be a neutral negotiator. On the contrary he seems
    to aggregate the situation by taking Azerbaijan’s side.
    May be someone should teach him the history of the area and
    ask him why Armenians should not go back to their lands in
    Nakhijevan and live there?

    Also, does he know that Stalin made Azerbaijan a country only
    in 1924? Kharabagh was 90% Armenian when Stalin put it under
    Azeri jurisdiction to please Turkey. Does he agree that Armenians
    should go back and live on their lands in Turkey (Eastern Turkey)?

    What a person to put on a committee that is supposed to be neutral, he disqualified himself by his words.

  2. First and foremost – just who is/are Armenia’s allies?
    Once we know that, Armenia must call a meeting of all NGO’S and formulate a battle plan.

  3. Correct. Starting with Amb. Warlick and down the line, I wonder how many people assigned “to monitor” aggression are aware of history at all.
    Chances are they do as they are told. Except that Amb. Warlick seems to set his own rules. Yes he is neutral but bending to please Turkey and Azerbaijan!

  4. Why does Armenia negotiate at all? Also since Warlick can care less about the Azeri’s shelling Armenia and its wellbeing, maybe Armenia should start retaliating with forceful stings and take more land. No one wants war. there does come a point you need to go after the other side. There needs to be consequences.

  5. James Warlick once again proves to everyone that he is a clown. Who in their right mind would cover for a Nazi style regime such as azerbaijan?

  6. If we are incapable of forcefully responding to these types of cross-border attacks by Azeris, we have to admit to ourselves that we are incapable of maintaining a nation-state. If we are to expect Russians to save Armenia from these types of border skirmishes every time they occur, then we don’t deserve a nation. In fact, Russians will lose their faith in us, for what good is a nation if it cannot defend itself? Yerevan is acting cowardly. If this is how it’s going to be, let’s just place Armenia back under Russian rule once again and be done with it. Armenia is located in the violent south Caucasus. If we want Armenia to be a respected nation-state, Armenia has to be ready and willing to defend itself at all times.

    A message to all our Russophobes who ironically call on Mother Russia for protection every time something goes wrong along Armenia’s borders with Azerbaijan or Turkey: Moscow will not directly intervene militarily on Armenia’s behalf unless Armenia is facing a serious threat (i.e. the danger of an invasion) and it will only do so when Yerevan officially asks for Russian military assistance.

    • It is also shameful that under these trying conditions of Armenia, we
      see people in the streets of Yerevan fighting the government. I do not believe most of these people really care about the country, they
      are there for their own leaders who are interested, as we say in Armenian, Atorin. The political leaders instead of uniting the people are dividing them. May be we are not ready for independence and freedom, it takes time to build a country. Especially a small country that lived under Soviet System for so long.

  7. No more and Not Again for 100 years now ! NO MORE ! WAR should be imposed til last Blood ! NO AZERBAYJAN anymore !!!
    NO Armenian should call himself Armenian by sitting outside and talk rubbish ! take our lands back and resettle will win this conflict for ever !!!! Nakhichevan and all the way to black sea , we will through them the other side of the sea to Turkmenistan where they come from ! enough is enough brothers all around the world , this government is way too weak to take any action against these Barbarians and bullies Turks ! Now or Never !!!!

  8. I support a robust response while the attack is ongoing however when left till late I believe we should leave matters to the commander and government without interfering .

  9. Azerbaijan will put up a good fight this time around, but Armenia’s chances to win are much higher. The mountainous region of Artsakh/NKR gives Armenians an advantage point over vast areas beyond the Armenian/Azeri border. We will see them coming from miles away. I would love to see their tanks try to climb up the mountains already fortified by Armenians. They won’t get passed the mines!

    Look, war is a terrible thing and I don’t want to see dead soldiers on either side, but the current regime in Azerbaijan needs to back down and try to negotiate with the people of Artsakh. The Armenian Genocide has left a deep scar on our people and the wounds have yet to heal, so if the Azeri dictator thinks that he will finish what the Turks started then we will be forced to return the favor.

  10. Armenia doesn t have a government ,all it has is a bunch of thugs and thieves who jumped on the wagon and took over the government just to feel up their pockets by stealing from the people, and create a reign of terror. No one knows how to run a country, they don t know anything about economy,they don t know anything about a justice system and this is why we are in this mess. All political parties are very weak even the ARF.I don t see anyone being able to run the country out of the mess we are in.

  11. It seems more and more our only hope is Kim,from what I hear,Kane West ,want to be the President of United state of America,
    But seriously our only hope is us the Armenians we can beat these basterds,we need money and only money ,because everything else we have we have,

  12. Any of the posters criticizing and lecturing the civilian and military authorities in RoA and NKR, who btw are the same people who actually participated in the NKR war 1991-1994, and defeated a numerically superior (4-to-1) and better equipped enemy, are welcome to go to Armenia and Artsakh, enlist in either military, and show them how to fight off Turkic invaders.

    Or, you and a few of your friends can organize guerrilla groups, go behind enemy lines in Azerbaijan, and put your guts where your keyboard fingers are.
    How about it guys ?

    • Very revealing of the mindset that posters are blaming Armenia and Russia, but not one word about the fact it was Turkish-made rockets fired by Caucasus Turks which killed 4 Armenian young men.

    • …and not one word about the fact that recent killings of Armenian servicemen and civilians, as well as shelling of Armenian border villages, have intensified just over a month after Warlick had made his notorious statement to the effect that ‘occupied’ territories must be returned to the Azeri control.

  13. If Armenia does not act, either with military response or suspension of peace talks, it may mean Russia is putting pressure on it to make concessions,

  14. The internal problem of Axeri leader with depressed oil-Sheikhdom people skyrocketing. This is one of the reasons he is using Russian-made D-30 howitzers in the attack.

    Aliyev feels comfortable with Russia, for a new war against Armenia. In order to stop coup attempt against his regime, He needs moral, and military protection from Putin, for the survival of his corrupted dictatorial regime.

    In the meanwhile Putin and the Wets, will get the full benefits of a new war between Axerbaijan and Armenia. Military hardware suppliers will get new attractive contracts, who will supply their most modern updated weaponry, for both warring nations!

    • Nope: it is not “Russian-made”. It is Soviet-made.

      Pretty sloppy of you repeating disinformation from the anti-Armenian, anti-Russian, anti-Christian Neocon outlet RFE/RL.
      Too bad: didn’t work this time either.
      But keep trying.

      You like to link to Wiki, right?
      Here you go:
      Go down the list and count how many countries have that howitzer.

      One more Wiki link:
      Scroll down to [Towed Howitzers].
      First one is the 122mm.
      What country’s flag do you see under the heading [Manufacturer].

      In case you forgot, Azerbaijan SSR was part of…….Soviet Union.
      Everybody and his brother in the Warsaw pact had Soviet-made artillery. Still do. (artillery lasts forever).
      Everybody and his brother all over the world has the D-30s.

      btw: myself and the other Russian agents posting @AW were having борщ (borshch) with our Maximum Paramount Leader Цар (Tsar) Putin at an undisclosed location. He says “Hello” (in English) to you. He says he appreciates the fresh perspective your bring to the discussion regarding the geopolitical situation in the Caucasus.

  15. And the winner is: The war mongers. With their sale of weapons, sale of medications, and total annihilation of the genes of the Armenian people.
    Turkey? the weapon industry? drug industry? oil companies? the list is long.

  16. Avery,
    Seems to me your beloved “Russian made” борщ (borshch), just delivered to you by Aeroflot super jet, from Putin’s newly appointed kitchen chef, for your naive humble fidelity! bon appétit my friend!

  17. After reading some of the well written comments of which I agree but it is disapointing that no attacks are being done against the Azeri’s after the sniping & killing of our soldiers by Artsakh. This should be a golden opportunity to attack & take back our lost provence of Shahumian which the Azeri’s still hold. Not one country in the world is backing up the Armenian People. We must wake up to realaty and get the Armenian Government to stop these attacks & killing of our Artsakh soldiers & people by bringing forth this issue up before the United Nations. Remember the Azeri’s have oil & are getting modern arms by the Turkish & Israeli Governments and are waiting for the right time to attack & take back Artsakh. This should be a wake up call for us before it’s too late.

  18. I am reminded of Halsey’s exhortation to American soldiers, sailors and Marines in WWII. I won’t quote it. It is comprised of seven words, three of which are “Kill.” Extreme measures are required to protect our forces and our villagers.
    I feel sorry for Lezghins, Talish and those with no interest in Kleptostan.

  19. Its more crucial then ever to clean up the corruption in the Armenian government. I don’t know how this starts. We have to stop the exodus and even attract Armenians abroad to return or even come for the first time. A corruption free fair system of government is the first step.

  20. i have a question if Russia told Azerbaijan to stop attacking ARTSAKH AND ARMENIA OR ELSE WOULD azebaijan stop?????

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