ARS Urgent Appeal: Aleppo Armenian Community in Crisis

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA calls on its members and supporters to aid the Armenian community of Aleppo, as the civil war in Syria enters a new and dangerous phase.

The Armenian Relief Society remains faithful to its mission statement—providing aid 'from the people to the people.'
The Armenian Relief Society remains faithful to its mission statement—providing aid ‘from the people to the people’

Our brothers and sisters are in imminent danger, both physically and to their personal property. Armenian churches continue to be targeted—as we heard last week, when one of our most iconic symbols, the 15th-century Armenian Church of Forty Martyrs, was damaged.

Today, more than ever, the fate of all those who remain in Aleppo is in jeopardy, and we must respond immediately!

Please donate—by visiting — so that the ARS can continue to provide desperately needed assistance to the most vulnerable still trapped in Aleppo.


ARS Eastern USA Sponsor a Family Program

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) remains faithful to its mission statement—providing aid “from the people to the people.” At the start of the war in Syria four years ago, the ARS, committed to providing unconditional and uninterrupted support to Aleppo’s population, initiated various relief efforts and humanitarian projects through the help of its worldwide chapters.

The Regional Executive of the ARS in Syria faithfully carried out all of the projects entrusted to it. On March 25, on the eve of Easter, at the St. Gregory the Illuminators Church Hall, the ARS Syria Executive distributed monetary gifts to 300 needy families through the “Sponsor a Syrian Armenian Family” program, sponsored by the ARS of Eastern USA.
The ARS has been supporting families with newborn babies since 2013 through the “Sponsor a Syrian Armenian Family” program.
During the gathering, ARS Syria Chairwoman Anna Der Hagopian addressed the attendees, and made special mention of the ARS of Eastern USA and its unwavering aid to the Syrian-Armenian community.

Der Hagopian stressed the commitment of the ARS, noting that no matter what the situation on the ground is like, the ARS Syria Center will provide humanitarian services to members of the community. She also expressed her gratitude to the members of ARS Syria and the ARS of Eastern USA Regional Executive for this initiative.
ARS Board member Zepure Reisian spoke of the ARS mission. “Even though we are far away from the rest of ARS entities, they are concerned about our situation, they follow the difficulties facing the community, and they do not hesitate to reach out to us, and to support our troubled community.”

Those present expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude to the ARS, for the various ways through which the organization continues to support their community.


The Armenian version of this article appeared in Aleppo’s Kantsasar newspaper.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. I applaud ARS’s efforts. I hope all the other Armenian organizations can come together and join the effort. I love Aleppo and Syria, but its finished I’m afraid. We need to get our people out of there.

  2. Thank you ARS for your effords you are doing great job, however these crisis are at National level & should be treated as such. Even if tomorrow there was truce (after all this bloodbath & hatred) there will be no place for Armenians anymore in Allepo. Today there are more than 5000 people in Aleppo cannot get their dayli bread, in short we need to organize “NERKAKHT”to save these people.I know how important Aleppo is for the diaspora,but also we should learn from history, once we had Cilicia…in 16th century there were more than 600,000 Armenians in poland,… in India, in Sigapoor, where are they now?, I am also aware of the limited capabilities of the Armenian government but it was done in 1946 we can do it again.

  3. Syrian Armenians need to be evacuated and brought to the USA under Obama’s plan to grant 100,000 Syrians refugees entry into the US. Providing food and supplies is not enough! We have to take advantage of this opportunity and help other Armenians to come to the US and to enjoy the benefits that we have been privileged to enjoy for so long. Other ethnic groups have done this for their people, now is the time for all Armenian organizations and churches to come together and provide safe transport and a better future for the Syrian Armenians.

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