Austria Recognizes Armenian Genocide

VIENNA (A.W.)—The Austrian Parliament drafted a statement on April 21 condemning the Armenian Genocide and calling on Turkey to face its past. According to sources, all six factions of parliament came together and agreed on the statement, which will be presented to the public on April 22.

The news comes a day after Germany announced its plan to “stand behind” a resolution affirming the Armenian Genocide, which will be voted on April 24.

Germany’s Parliament is set to use the term “genocide” in a resolution, and the government said on April 20 that it will support the motion sponsored by the ruling parties.

A draft of the German resolution notes the Armenians’ fate is “exemplary for the history of mass destruction, ethnic cleansing, expulsions, and genocides by which the 20th century is marked in such a terrible way.”


  1. No one wants to be the last man out. It’s becoming a race of who will be first at the gates. Unfortunately, countries such as Georgia, Belarus, Syria, Iran, Mexico and all the other backward counties don’t even realize that the race is on.

    • Mexico? Really? You don’t even know what you are talking about, categorazing all those countries together. Their level of civilization, moral and ethics, and economy are not even similar to each other.

  2. Very pleased That Austria Does Justice to all humanity by recognising the first Genocide of 20th Century
    Where over 1.5 million innocent Armenoins lost their life’s
    Well done Austria …

  3. Good job Austria! Condemn atrocities loudly and proudly long enough and everyone may eventually forget where Adolf Hitler came from.

  4. Virtually all nations and most people have done some sort of evil. Confession and redemption are essential in many faiths. Catholics do it in private, The Jewish High Holy Days are filled with admittance of wrong doing for individuals and the whole community and we apologize and commit to better actions in the future. A lot of the bible involves self critism of our people and leaders.
    I wish there was a 12 step program for politicians, the rich and powerful anf World leaders to help them recover from hurting themselves and other people.

  5. We are currently running a campaign for New Zealand to officially recognise the genocide and join the many other countries that have done so. If you would like to sign our petition a link is available on the cited website.

  6. For Austria to publish on international websites all available and declassified documents from the Austrian archives as gesture as compensation for a historic fact that Austro Hungarian empire was on the wrong side and for not only helping the ottomans but later the young Turks
    further more to declare these documents as sole owner ship to the Armenian heritage

  7. Thank you Austria. I am reminded that Austria was spared the Ottoman yolk thanks to the Polish regiment that defended her, with timely inside information from a Hungarian-Armenian.

  8. Thank you to Austria and the people of Austria, for recognising the Armenian Genoside, !.5 million Armenians were killed. It is time for turkey to except it.

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