South Dakota House Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Becomes 43rd State to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

PIERRE, S.D. (Asbarez)—The South Dakota House of Representatives on Thurs., Feb. 26 passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, becoming the 43rd U.S. state to do so.

South Dakota is the 43rd state to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
South Dakota is the 43rd state to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

With 28 original co-sponsors, the resolution passed with a vote of 51 to 17. It calls for a “just resolution,” condemns denial, and encourages the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in public schools. It also addresses the Ottoman-Turkish genocide of Greeks and Assyrians.

The resolution “[d]esignat[es] 2015 as the ‘Year of Remembrance for the Centennial Since the Commencement of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923’ in South Dakota and urg[es] Congress and the president of the United States to formally and consistently recognize and reaffirm the historical truth that the atrocities committed against the Armenian, Greek, and other Christians living in their historical homelands in Anatolia constituted genocide and to work towards equitable, stable, and durable Armenian-Turkish relations.”

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Guest Contributor

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  1. Heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to all those who worked hard for the passage of this resolution. Great accomplishment.
    43 done- 7 left.
    I wonder when all 50 states pass resolution to recognize the Genocide, what will the Federal Government do? Will they continue to enforce the “gag rule”? Will they continue siding with the “corrupt” regime in Turkey? Will they continue to be silent about all the transgressions of their so called “ally” in NATO?
    I am awaiting to see what President Obama is going to do or say on
    April 24th. I am afraid I am going to be deeply disappointed, as I fear he has lost his moral compass and has no spine, to stand up to Turkey’s ongoing blackmail.

    Vart Adjemian

  2. @Vart Adjemian: don’t holdyour breath, Obama is a without backbone president, a weak character president which has NO guts to take real decisions, I don’t think history is going to write anything good about him, except mediocrity.

  3. It is too bad the President & the Congress lack the honesty and courage that 43 states have shown. When the President needed votes, he was dishonest and raised false hopes on this issue.

  4. We thank the South Dakota House of Representatives for the recognition of Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish Governments in 1915-1923, as the 43 U.S. to do so. We hope the last remaining 7 U.S. States will also recognize the Armenian Genocide by April 24th, 2015.

  5. Hello. My name is Anna. I am planning to move to South Dakota from Los Angeles. Would love to connect to my Armenian brothers and sisters who live in South Dakota.
    I dont know anybody in SD ,will be visiting your state for the first time in a few weeks, would love to make new friends and be part of Armenian community of South Dakota.
    My email
    My cell (323) 687-0436
    Please text, email.
    Hope to hear from you.

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