Letter: Hrant Dink (1954-1915)

Dear Editor,

The title is not a misprint.

Hrant Dink was murdered in 1915.

Hrant Dink was murdered because of 1915, because he brought out the truth about 1915.

Hrant Dink
Hrant Dink

The same criminals who planned and implemented 1915 also murdered Hrant Dink.

The criminals in 1915 did not only murder people like Hrant Dink—the leaders, the brains and hearts of the Armenian nation—but they followed up by murdering most of the men.

They kidnapped the victims’ wives and daughters. They took them as wives, maids, or even worse. They branded them with tattoos, and sold them as slaves in slave markets.

They took the orphaned grandchildren. They placed them in Muslim homes. They Turkified and Islamized them.

They took the victims’ assets—houses, shops, valuable possessions—and divided them among themselves. The government legalized this plunder by handing out deeds to the stolen properties.

They did this not only to the leaders, but to hundreds, thousands—no, hundreds of thousands—of families, until one and a half million Armenians were wiped out from their homeland.

This is the truth about 1915; and it is still denied by the Turkish state. The peoples of Turkey are now beginning to discover the truth, but—unfortunately—only after Hrant Dink’s murder.

As we commemorate the 8th anniversary of the murder of Hrant Dink, we also commemorate the centennial anniversary of the attempted murder of the Armenian nation.

The Armenians who survived the genocide will continue the struggle until truth and justice prevails.


Raffi Bedrosyan


Raffi Bedrosyan

Raffi Bedrosyan is a civil engineer, writer and a concert pianist, living in Toronto. Proceeds from his concerts and CDs have been donated to the construction of school, highways, and water and gas distribution projects in Armenia and Karabakh—projects in which he has also participated as a voluntary engineer. Bedrosyan was involved in organizing the Surp Giragos Diyarbakir/Dikranagerd Church reconstruction project. His many articles in English, Armenian and Turkish media deal with Turkish-Armenian issues, Islamized hidden Armenians and the history of thousands of Armenian churches left behind in Turkey after 1915. He gave the first Armenian piano concert in the Surp Giragos Church since 1915, most recently at the 2015 Genocide Centenary Commemoration. He is the founder of Project Rebirth, which helps Islamized Armenians return to their original Armenian roots, language and culture. He has appeared as a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences related to human rights, genocide studies and Armenian issues.

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  1. Thank you Raffi for your hard work to let us know what us all about stories we heard from our grand parent’s and clearing questions that lingered in our minds for year’s

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