ARF Leader Vahan Hovannesian Passes Away

YEREVAN—Armenian revolutionary Federation (ARF) leader Vahan Hovannesian passed away today (Dec. 28), after a long battle with illness. He was 58.

ARF leader Hovannesian was a prominent figure in Armenian politics.
ARF leader Hovannesian was a prominent figure in Armenian politics.

Hovannesian was a long-time member of the ARF Bureau and Armenia’s National Assembly. Most recently, he was appointed Armenia’s Ambassador to Germany, a position he held until his passing.

A historian and archaeologist by training, Hovannesian was pulled into the whirlwind of Armenian politics in the late 1980s, as the Soviet Union began to crumble. He joined the ARF in 1989.

Hovannesian participated in the war with Azerbaijan, was imprisoned as a political prisoner for three years, and served as a member of Armenia’s National Assembly for 14 years. He was the ARF’s candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election in Armenia.


  1. Oh No. Terrible news.

    He was a good man: one of the more balanced and rational members in the Assembly. He would have been a great Ambassador of RoA in Germany.

    When he went to Germany to assume his ambassadorial post, news was that he was ill, and being treated.
    Didn’t realize it was that serious.

    RIP compatriot.
    We lost another valuable member of our people too soon.
    God bless.

  2. What a shame. Vahan was a wonderful guy, an archeologist and fancier of English mysteries as well as a skillful politician. It was an honor to know him and it’s sad to think of the Republic of Armenia without him.

  3. He certainly was one of the voices of sanity in politics not only in the national assembly but also in his party.

    May he rest in peace.

  4. I am so shocked to hear this sad news. I personally experienced your goodness and humanity when you helped me in my time of need. Your entire life was dedicated to the homeland our beloved Armenia, mixed with your kindness, goodness and endless patriotism.

    God bless your soul dear Vahan. May the current and next generation learn from you and give their best to Armenia as you have so often did. Asdvadz hokit lousavore yev mkhitare undanikid antamnere.

  5. I have know his father during my college years in Germany. I also met him and spoke with him during my visits to Armenia. I knew he was ill and being treated in Germany but I did not know that the end was so near. May God bless his soul, Asdvadz Hokin Lusavoreh yev Harazadneroon Dah Hamperoutyun.

  6. Despite different opinions we agreed upon during a last meeting on April 24th, in Frankfurt/Main to try everything in Germany to support the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman empire 1896 -1923 with the crucial date of April, 24th 2015. Rest in peace.

  7. The above photo captured the essence of Unger Vahan, smiling after probably making a brilliant statement that left listeners speechless. He was loyal, a good friend and a great man…Few have the presence, knowledge, wit, charisma, eloquence and a deep sense of nationalism that he possessed. He loved our Homeland and would defend it at any cost. He also embraced the power and influence of a strong Diaspora. He was an ideal Ambassador.
    He was brave and courageous… a warrior and a Prince.

    The world mourns your passing…

  8. The Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament put it best. “Life is one thing with Vahan and something else without him.”
    So long James, I will miss you……

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