Eternal Flame’s Global Trek Comes to Providence

The Eternal torch will light the Waterfire on June 28, originating at the North Burial grounds, followed by a procession to the State House grounds which will conclude at the Waterfire.


Third- and fourth-generation descendantsof survivors of the Armenian genocide will gather to receive the Eternal Flamea torch that represents theeverlasting faith and passion of the Armenian nation as they have survived the horrors of the Armenian Genocide for an entire century, and are now reborn, thriving, and growing in Rhode Island and throughout the entire world.

The torch will be passed through communities and at events where Armenians and human rights activists gather to commemorate the atrocities of the Genocide. The torch began in Yerevan, Armenia in April and has made its way to Rhode Island from Massachusetts. It will then be passed to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, en route to Michigan and on to California. It will then go to Canada and eventually end in Western Armenia, which is present day Turkey.

When and where: Saturday, June 28, gather at 6:30 p.m. at the North Burial Ground, followed by a march to the Rhode Island State House; Ceremony on the State House grounds at 8:00 p.m.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. This was a wonderful event. Great program, well organized, Wonderful speakers. Not only because it was coordinated by my own son,but I feel that after all the hard work that was done, Hundreds of more Armenians should have attended/participated. I see a problem with Advertising. I just received this e-mail today, the event took place 2 days ago. We could have captured a broader audience. I’m sure you are also busy, thanks for your efforts.

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