AYF Eastern Region Issues Statement on Syria

The Armenian Youth Federation Eastern Region finds many opportunities throughout the year to come together and unite over a common cause.  Most recently, we have observed the power at our fingertips and the scope of work we are able to accomplish during unfortunate times when our fellow diasporans are in need of a call to action.

The unfortunate series of events that have unfolded in Kessab and Aleppo, Syria, are not only acts of injustice but also a time to exercise our voices politically, to reach out to our community for help, and to bring awareness to these events far too familiar to our history.  Most significantly, Armenian communities throughout the Eastern Region and the world held protests, town hall meetings, and fundraising events to both raise awareness and gather donations to help Kessab.  Once again, the AYF, with the help of our sister organizations, raised a significant amount of money for aid to our fellow Armenians.

The AYF strives to bring awareness to the situation in Aleppo as it continues to unfold. We have participated in ANCA initiatives by urging our membership and the general public to donate, send action alerts, and express their concern to Congressional representatives.

Regardless of where we may be outside of our rightful lands, the Armenian community and the Armenian Youth Federation will continue to strive for justice, and in that process we will not fail to help our brothers and sisters across the world.  The words of one of our great poets, William Saroyan, proves to be true yet again, “I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race… See if you can do it…  For when two of them [Armenians] meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.”


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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