Bar Association Elects New Leadership at Annual Meeting

NEW YORK—With the installation of a veteran and dynamic leadership team at its Annual Meeting in New York, the Armenian Bar Association continues into its 25th year of service to the Armenian Diaspora and to the Homeland.

Former Chairs of  ArmenBar
Former Chairs of ArmenBar

The Armenian Bar Association’s Executive Committee is headed by Armen K. Hovannisian as the chairman of the Board of Governors. Joining Hovannisian at the helm is the Association’s chairman ex-officio, Garo B. Ghazarian of Los Angeles. The vice-chairmen are Harry Dikranian of Montreal, Edvin Minassian of Los Angeles, and Gary Moomjian of New York. The treasurer is Saro Kerkonian of Los Angeles. The secretary is Katherine Ossian of Detroit. The spirit of our late Chairman Emeritus, Vicken I. Simonian, will continue to serve and inspire.

The Board welcomes to its general ranks Christine Engustian of Providence and Vanna Kitsinian of Los Angeles, and thanks Laura Karabulut of Toronto and Ara Babaian of Los Angeles for their years of service on the governing body.

The great breadth and diversity of the Board of Governors are represented by incumbent members Raymond Aghaian of Los Angeles, Michael Amerian of Los Angeles, Sara Bedirian of Los Angeles, Judge Amy Hoogasian of San Francisco, Gerard Kassabian of Los Angeles, Nigol Manoukian of Los Angeles, Hovanes Margarian of Los Angeles, and Sonya Nersessian of Boston.

Together and individually, the officers of the 2014-15 Executive Committee and their fellow Board members embody, and in many ways are responsible for, the Association’s proven track record of success. That record includes strengthening and extending our collective voice on impact issues such as our protections of genocide truths and our challenges to genocide falsifications; laying the groundwork for the stages of justice beyond genocide recognition; lending our expertise to some of the many necessary legal reforms in the Republic of Armenia; standing up and speaking out for the human and civil rights of Armenians around the world; planning cutting-edge legal education programs, performing pro bono legal services, and hosting highly-amped social receptions and professional exchanges; and establishing and broadening the common ground for our members who share, importantly, the same profession and, more importantly, the same Armenian heritage.

E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, We Are One.

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Guest Contributor

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